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When Everything Changes, Change Everything :Book Review

Updated on July 5, 2012

Another good book from Neale Donal Walsch. He has continued to add to my education of life. This book reviews and expands on a few of the concepts found in Conversations with God and adds a few new ideas. This book invites us to learn and practice nine ways to change everything in order to move from one reality to the next in order to discover a new way of living. I know that putting this model of self change to practice will work for anyone. The changing everything plan is simple to understand. Difficulty can only come from our inability to let go of our pasts and open our mind.

Neale teaches this process in two parts, first being the Mechanics of the Mind. Where he explains in detail how our mind creates the reality we experience from data (past or imagined) . These pages contain good news, as it turns out we have control over which reality we experience. It all comes down to a choice between distorted reality, observed reality and ultimate reality. Which one we live depends on the data we use to create it . Most of the time our mind uses past data mixed with imagined, which tends to create a distorted reality which is not always true and usually the hardest to deal with. Basically what we feel can be changed by having a different thought about the cause of our feelings. After understanding the way our mind works we can proceed to part two.

The second part of the book involves the System of the Soul and covers the idea that our soul has within it the ultimate truth when used can create the ultimate reality. Neale shows us that connecting with our souls is the way to living in the ultimate reality. Meditation is one way to connect with our soul and Neale provides techniques for ways to do this. In addition he continues his teachings of the power of thought using the line of causality. The line of causality is also introduced in two parts first in the Mechanics of the Mind and is finished in the System of the Soul. The line of causality has many variables, it is an eqaution of sorts. Meaning one thing effects the other a so on until reality is created. For example lets say you have an event where your loved one leaves you and you have data from this happening before, this event plus the data plus the thoughts you have had creates the emotion you feel with equals the reality experienced.

I have only touched on a few points in this book. It is full of information that each person needs to absorb individually. Neale does a better job of teaching then I do.

So all in all I enjoyed reading another of Neale’s wonderful books and encourage you to change everything.

Change your mind, Change your life!

-Benjamin E Howen III


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    • blackmarx profile image

      blackmarx 7 years ago from Rice Lake, WI

      Neal has some good books. glad you were able to sign up, hope to see some awesome gardening tips from you on there.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      blackmarx - I've never heard of Walsh but he sounds like an interesting read. By controlling the way we think about things, we can control our behavior and emotions to be better people. Sounds like.

      Anyway, I finally figured out how to sign up the Gardening Gang and have done so. I also put a link to the Gardening Gang on one of my gardening hubs. You have a lot of great tips.

    • blackmarx profile image

      blackmarx 7 years ago from Rice Lake, WI

      yeah that is one of the better parts. thanks for the comment.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      I like the take on three realities, sounds intriguing, I'll have to look for this one. I believe my wife has read and liked Conversations With God.