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When God Calls, Be not Afraid

Updated on November 21, 2016

When God calls, be not afraid

Accept His anointing; be willing; be brave

Stand firm; don't look back

Not even when there are tests, trials, or attacks

Let Him lead, and just follow behind

The rewards are great, but they come with time

So, be patient, fearless, and strong

Trust in Him, keep faith

When He calls, go on

Just say yes

Let Him use you; He'll do the rest

When God Calls, Answer Loud and Clear

When God calls, I will answer loud and clear

"Yes Lord, yes Lord, I am here"

"I will go on and do things your way"

"I know if You ask, it will be okay"

"I'm glad You called, I thought it was too late"

"I just didn't know my life was at stake"

When He calls, I'll be His tool,

Beating back this flesh that tries to rule

When God comes and calls out my name,

I know that I will never be the same

I will be chosen; I will be free

For He called out to many,

But He chose me!

When God Calls, What Will You Say?

When God calls, what will you say

Oh no God, I want to go my own way

I don't want the life that You planned for me

I can do it alone; just wait and see

I won't need Your help, so ask another

Why do I need You? I have my sister and my brother

What else can You give that I don't already have?

Everlasting life?

Of course, God can

Is it then that you will change your mind?

Will you say "God" why didn't you say that the first time?"

When God Calls, What Will You Do?

Wen God calls, what will you do

Will you ignore Him like many or answer like few?

Will you say "Yes, I will do Your will.

"Guide me over rock, mountains, and hills"

"Lead me through deeps waters and valleys"

"Be my light through dark streets and back alleys"

"Carry me when I lose my way"

"Help me choose the words I say"

"Give me discernment to know the truth"

"For when You call, I'll put my trust in You."

When God Calls, Will You Answer?

When God calls, will you answer or let Him down?

Will you choose to smile or carry a frown?

Will you accept His offer to be free?

Or will you stay bound as bark on trees?

Will you stay lost or ask to be found?

When God calls, will you answer?

Or not make a sound?

When God Calls, How will You Feel?

When God calls, how will you feel?

How will you know if it is real?

When He does, will it touch your heart?

Will you know from the very start?

Will you be nervous or feel excited?

On the inside, will a fire be ignited?

Will you decide at that very moment?

Or feel fear for some unknown opponent?

When God calls, what will you chose?

What will you do when He calls to you?


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