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When God Made Butterflies.

Updated on November 7, 2009


When God made Butterflies. ©-MFB III

When God made butterflies,
the devil grew quite jealous
of these divine flits of fancy,
and so he crafted a like creature,
to inhabit the darkness.

Furry, brown and white,
grey and dappled night dancers,
which he set free in the world,
to rule his dark domain.

But when they saw the brightness
that had not touched them,
to make them as beautiful as
their daytime counterparts
snoozing in the beds of tulips,
they flung themselves suicidally
into any light they could find.

Each hoping for a transformation
from the devil's shunned design.
Alas they burned up against
the incandescent glass and fell
wingless to perish in non-heavenly bodies
under the hungry beaks of the birds.

Thus back into hell they go,
where the devil pins their souls,
into another set of dark wings,
to waste on porch lights,
and streetlamps in their endless
futile attempts to be something 
better in the hierarchy of life.


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    • debugs profile image

      debugs 7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      I love this ..