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When I See Those Lights

Updated on December 16, 2011

I look through the darkness that fills these great halls

It grows and it consumes all the light within its wake

I stare affixed as it threatens to overtake me

When suddenly a light grows within its depths

It expels the darkness for me

It comes toward me swift, so swift

The darkness flees before it, into the corners and into the cracks

The light is so close, I see him

His train drags these marble floors

The light surrounds him, answers him, answers his every call

The light obeys his voice, only his commands will it hear

The light envelops me, it keeps me; it keeps the darkness at bay

My father, my father carries this light, this light within his soul

Around him, a part of him, it fills every corner, every corner of these halls

When I see those lights never will I fear

When I see those lights never will I hide

When I see those lights

When I see his light


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    • stylusofiron profile image

      stylusofiron 5 years ago from Texas

      Thank you ^_^

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      A beautiful poem and thanks for sharing.


    • stylusofiron profile image

      stylusofiron 6 years ago from Texas

      Thank you! I just wished I could have found the image I saw in my mind for this poem:[

    • iva dragostinova profile image

      iva dragostinova 6 years ago from Brighton, UK

      Great imagery in your words! Thank you