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When I thought I was safe

Updated on May 10, 2014
"Cynzia II" by Fabian Perez
"Cynzia II" by Fabian Perez | Source

I should have said no, but deep inside my mind their was a voice crying out,

“It’s okay, it’s been a long time now, and you’ve done really well. These guys aren’t going to give you up. They understand the nature of the beast."

I usually stop at looking, knowing full well the power of visual stimulation. Even looking leads to day dreaming of forbidden acts, unclean excitement, law breaking pleasure. A glance too long is a trap I selfishly lay. Sometimes I can ignore that nagging feeling, on occasion there is no way around it. My wife God bless her heart, she knows that once I get a minute taste, I am like a ravenous demon whose lust cannot be satiated. I will not stop until I find the means to pursue and win this new desire in my heart. Like a desert traveler out of water, I have but only one thing on my mind. Together, we have already been down this road through the detritus this behavior leaves behind. I know how wrong it is, nothing good ever comes from even a little play. There are some things in life that once they happen, you cannot ever take it back.

Still…my coworker incessantly goaded me to check her out, after all she was attractive enough for my tastes. Sure she wasn’t as graceful when younger in years. Up close you could tell that there was a story or two or three behind the aged lines, but there was no mistaking the scent of “I can still take you around the block like a fresh set of legs.” My mind raced over the possibilities of what would happen if this got out of hand. Surely there would be other parties becoming involved and we couldn't risk that. This had to be covert. The last person I want involved would be who she belonged to.

In my heart I could already feel the anxiety of curiosity and possible disappointment. It isn’t often a breed like this becomes available. There are those thoughts of built up expectation in which you do not want to ruin what might never have to be. Is she really going to satisfy me, or am I tempting another world of critical pain, a fantasy better left to ruminate. Oh it had been such a long time though…

My senses were tingling, I even felt that teenage nervousness, I just had to play a part, I never claimed to be a professional. There was no need for drawn out familiarizing, I knew what she was capable of, and she knew I only wanted one thing. Upon first touch I knew it was already too late, we were together, moving quickly, no time for pleasant talks. I knew if I stayed within a familiar area I wouldn’t get caught. We turned down a quite street, a nice open strip just long enough, sure to draw no attention and mostly out of sight. It is here where that familiar deep feeling within me came out. It is here on this secluded street that I released bottled up feelings and much missed excitement. The power of taming such an experienced traveler was absolutely intoxicating. The pure build up of speed, the bumps, the sounds, oh my.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say this was over all too fast, cheap thrills like this seldom have staying power. But I know I got away with one more for my memory books. On this street I broke laws and cheated on my other V8…well what else would I have been doing? The worst part was handing the keys back to the owner.

Meet the other girl;

A 1998 police interceptor Camaro with a 320 hp LT1 engine, striped of weight, fresh off the auction block. Only 48K miles on the ticker. Boy could she move in a hurry, I was breaking double the posted limit in seconds…literally. God I love fast cars.

Porsche 928 Singing Glory


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