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When Life Is cRaZy

Updated on September 16, 2010

Who would of ever guessed it

The bricks come tumbling down around us

We have no escape route planned

Trapped in a corner thinking this is the end

We can only hope and pray help is on its way

I am not sure if I am the only survivor

Since no one else has made a sound

I have only time to think

Since nothing else is important

Their were times in my life that was beyond measure

So amazing and filled with all the love one can imagine

I was sure no other day could ever compare

From that day on I  was sure all things were going to be fine

Then one day a silly thing happens

Disaster strikes

Something you never would even write about or too horrible even to mention

The shrills turn your quiet peaceful times into a horror story

Begging for it to end and life to begin new again

Things don't seem to happen that way

All your wishful thinking can't change what is happening

Your unknown grief still resides and settles in for a long stay

You wonder what has gone array

How can you change this uncomfortable feeling that crushes all your hopes

Like shattered glass covering everything in its path

Unable to escape

Find it fate

Wait a minute

I hear a sound

A voice I think

In a distance could this be my  new best friend

I let out sounds of built up anger and pain

I scream to let them know I am here

I want to be saved

I don't care what I said before

I can have a life I love and adore

But as the voices disappear again

I feel the fear of the end to my life and my doomed fate

What a tease to hear sounds of help so close

Why didn't I yell louder to make sure they heard me

I can't wait here any longer

I have to find a way I did not consider

Maybe if I can move just one finger

That will be enough to start my journey back to the world I know

If I can just move my foot from underneath where I can't even see

If I think of what it is to be stronger than hercules

I take my time and try to move just a little bit

Without hope I am doomed to fail

I lay here and laugh at this place I am at

I never could write a story so filled with so many reasons to live

Now I am helpless and tired

For let me rest awhile

Giving me time to think

My eyes are itchy and irritated

Now with a single fly annoying me even more

Resting on my head and nose

As I lay here left to be eaten by insects

I am a tasty treat for them to take their time to devour

As I yell they are not bothered by my noise

They not only have returned but now there is two no three

Maybe ten

Circling slowly moving in on their prey

I hear a sound  louder than before

This is trouble

It caused more destruction as more rubble came crashing down

I didn't care as long as those annoying pests are gone

I am left alone to make my final peace

With a world that missed out on all my love

I had so much to give and show the world I am worthwhile and talented

Now I see a bright light in the middle of the darkness

So annoying that it makes my angry eyes water

If this is the light people see when they leave earth

It is certainly not what I expected

As I close my eyes and feel lonely off to a deep sleep I go

Life is for the living and I have had my fill

I once was thirsty and then hungry

Now all that doesn't matter

A push and a shove

What is it now

Hey buddy can you hear me?

I keep thinking just leave me be

I have his feet and watch his head

He is one lucky man

We found him just in time

The rain has started and everything is instantly wet

Bring some blankets over here

We can't move him yet

These bricks could crush him to death

I think he is still breathing

1 2 3 lift him slowly

This day he will never forget

As the helecopter flys away out of sight

With him finally going to a hospital where doctors can help

Many months of recovery is expected

After numerous operations and careful surgery

The only thing that was broken

Was his will power and it will heal

As long as he remembers to enjoy his life

Each day is a special gift

That he only can give it real meaning

To live the best we can and help those who need a helping hand


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Epigramman I sometimes get ahead of myself and I begin thinking too much and maybe loose people.But I am trying to slow my thoughts down.I am like a train with no brakes.Look out world here I come.Have fun with all that I write and we can laugh together!!!!

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ..again I must concur - that you are a great writer with an enquiring mind (essential for anyone who wants to communicate with words) and a real nice of flow of thoughts in a very poetic manner! Bravo!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I am so lucky to have had you by my side.With help from each other I am convinced we can face anything.Thanks for sharing my thoughts.You would not believe it.I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 1:00.I moved it up to 3:00.Just because I was too scared.I tried to cancel and they said how about later.When I said I didn't think I could make it.I was lukcy some other poor soul was getting drilled while they just took x-rays and saved more fun with me for another time.I have to go back one small filling and one big one that needs a route canal.So they say.I will go for a second opinion.(Only joking)I trust them with my life.But they are only getting my teeth.I have till the end of September until I have to return.I will keep you informed.I HOPE YOU MADE OUT WELL.No fillings no cavities.Just a cleaning and your good for another 6 months.I send you my wishful thinking.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 7 years ago from Great Britain

      AWesome, Dream On.So realistic I was trapped there with you, but you spirit was strong as always., and you were thinking of others as always.Wonderful hub. x

      O by the way, Dentist yesterday, I looked under every chair and desk but couldn´t find you hiding. ....There´ll be a next time........