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When Love Is Merely Mortal.

Updated on March 25, 2010


When Love Is Merely Mortal.



Watch as I deteriorate,

into a living corpse,
disassembling from

love's denial.

My hair an extension

of my disarray,
my two lips

now a Sahara
without the oasis

of your kiss.

Eyes vacant like Poe
wandering the

alleys of Baltimore.

Stenos-is of the

spine bends me in grief,
your arms no longer

hold me up,
I grasp only air

and suffocate

without you.

My heart is an

echoing chamber
where youe last words

bounce endlessly.

My soul an empty

hope in my chest,
my legs have no

desire to carry me
anywhere once

shared with you.

So I lie in repose,

on a half rumpled bed,
reliving what is

now dead to me.

Only you are

my antidote,
to staunch the

bitter tears,

the apathy,
but your heart

is a vessel drained
by my inconsiderate

gluttonous thirst.







A Thimble Full Of Soul-lutions.


    Love is simply
a stitch in the
fabric of time.
A tiny thread
of hope in a
lonely world

Joining two in a
pattern of joy.

After the strings
of past relationships
are severed.

If a tight knot
is formed at
the beginning,
it secures
tailor-made dreams
into reality.


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Ah- for an antidote!