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When Love Was As Fresh As Newly Kissed Flesh.

Updated on January 2, 2010


When love was as fresh as newly kissed flesh


Do you remember how it felt
when love began to grow,
the breathless,

rapid heartbeats
as sweet joy

filled up your soul,
the notion that

you'd never let
another take control
soon lost in

passions kisses,
two as one now

made you whole.

The simple act

of holding hands
as fingers stroked your palm,
or gazing in

each others eyes
to find that perfect calm,

the warmth of two,

bodies pressed tight
as you danced

at your first prom,
love flowed over

your lonely heart
and brought such healing balm.

Why do those special growing pangs
of love that bring such bliss
all fade away

with time till folks
just share

the usual kiss
while holding hands,

and love filled stares
become something we miss
as life brings

great priorities
filled with lesser

needs then this.

The next time you

are just about to
kiss your better half
sweep him or her

right off their feet
and give their face a bath
then sit and stare

deep in their eyes
and hold their fingers tight
and tell them

how it still feels like 
it did on your first night.

I'm sure that soon the mattress
will be squeaking like a mouse,
and for a while it will be
yesterday inside

your house
and if you treasure

more than life
these feelings

you once knew,
you'll make such

acts a habit
as they whisper

"I love you."
more often and

much more sincere
like back when

love first grew.




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