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When My World Gets Right!

Updated on March 17, 2013



There are no unreachable stars

There are no unbendable bars

There are no unbelievable lies

Or unachievable highs

There are no unresortable measures

There are no undeniable pleasures

There are no unresponded to screams

……. Or this is all in my dreams!

(but why?)


There are no unscalable walls

There are no unbreakable laws

There are no unhealable ills

Or unfortunate spills

There are no unattainable goals

There are no unescapable holes

There are no undevisable schemes

……Or this is all in my dreams!

(but why?)


*These all will be true,

When my World gets right!.... (Gets right!)


There is no irrelevant cry

There is no unloosable tie

There is no unbearable cross

Or irreplaceable loss

There is no disrespectable gain

There is no unavoidable pain

There is no unmagnificent gleam

…… Or this is all in my dreams!

(but why?)


There are no unstoppable crimes

There are no unchangeable times

There are no unbreakable bones

Or unpleasurable moans

There are no unkissable lips

There are no unthrustable hips

There are no unforgettable shames

….. Or this is all in my dreams!

(but why?)


I'm not asking much,

I just want it all!………. (I want it all)


*These all will be true,

When my World gets right!.... Gets right!

When I don’t need to fight!..... Not fight!

These all will be true,

When my darkness gets light!..... Gets light!

When my War’s end is in sight!.... In sight!

….Soon things will surely get right!

….Soon things MUST get right!!!!




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    • aim4strz profile image

      Daniel Austhof 8 years ago from West Michigan

      Thanks. Funny, I spend lots of time writing some of my lyrics, yet some of my favorites-like this one- are literally just an Ozzy song and a big Sat. afternoon's worth of work. Thanks again.

    • nochance profile image

      Chloe Davis Smith 8 years ago from Minnesota

      Wow, this is really cool. I like it, sounds really good.