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When One is Too Crippled To Write.

Updated on April 2, 2010



Artwritus is a terrible thing,
a chronic pain that

hunches our shoulders,
over the very keys to heal it.

We consult dictionary's with blind stabs,
at any anonymous word

hoping for a spark of heat,
to relieve the frozen

muscles in our hands.

But perhaps it is

God's way of humbling us,
a period of time to look at the world
without the rainbow tinted

glasses we were granted.

To see life much like

the masses around us,
starving for a dream,

and to know the lack
expressing our pain

and joy with ease.

Then we truly begin

to appreciate the gift,
and what we write next

holds a brilliance
that shines like gold

far beyond iconic trophies.

One might try the balm

of a breezy summer day,
lie in a meadow and

study the underworld,
all those tiny creatures

scurrying for survival,
then pen a tale of a slug

or winged plant-hopper.

Or simply seek to

heal others in a visit
to a V.A. hospital,

or a nursing home,
stare into the eyes

of true chronic pain.

Bring old paperbacks

and toiletries,
to add a bit of poetry

to their world,
and then chronicle

one of their stories.

Usually life brings us

a cause that moves us
to reach and touch the multitudes,
tragedy in our own lives,

or great happiness,
but we are like books,

 and even the best novels,
have pages that can bore to tears.

Artwritus is temporary,
there is no Urgi-care to treat it,
no E.R. to patch our gaping thoughts,
but we do heal,

and write art again.

This then is my band-aid to you,
some ancient advice wrought by
the thought of your pain,
I hope in some small way it helps,
for I have known Artwritus,
it is malady I too

have fought to shake,

Thus I can only wish you well,

and Godspeed on

your return to the words,

that currently are denied you.






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    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      Inspirational hub, lovely and you use words which are just touching as well, Maita

    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 

      8 years ago from Calcutta

      You are uncomfortable with artwritus as

      You find it difficult to find a word to fit your poem...!!!

      Now that is what I call a Billionaire grieving over a lost cent..

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      Artwritis, Hilarious and imaginative read. I chuckled as I read knowing exactly what you speak of. I'm in the midst of 'lost words' even as I write this to you tonight. I can so relate to good ole' Artwritis who visits from time to time ... yes it is good to view the world thru the eyes of those who know not the gift of expression ... how sad life would be without words. You truly are gifted with the ability to craft words in such a creative and winsome way ... I appreciate YOU!

    • ladyjane1 profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Doing this 30 day hub challenge I think I am beginning to be inflicted with this anomaly. Great poem.

    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 

      8 years ago from Delaware

      I hope this one becomes widely circulated among hubbers, I think it will help them to endure those times when the words won't flow. I haven't suffered from Artwritus yet, but I know I will, so thanks for the helpful advice.

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      words of love thanks

    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 

      8 years ago

      Wow, I absolutely loved this poem. Love the play on the word Artwritus and love your cure. So true, uplifting and inspirational.

      A time for reflection and a time to heal is sure to produce a brilliant piece of art. I think we can all relate on one level or another.

      Great Job, Rated Up!



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