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When The Blade Reaps Souls.

Updated on May 19, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

A tragic ending to a fun day

Whne Brute force meets stationary metal barriers

When the blade reaps souls.

Just last night 
about two a.m.
on the ski slopes
of a closed facility
two twenty something
guys were
trespassing and
already had been
warned to leave
they stuck around instead
ingesting budweiser
and growing stupider
snowmobiling white arcs
of condensed powder
in a misty trail behind them
with chrystal clear
stars gleaming above the
mirrored ball of earth
heads back howling
top speed..... full throttle
over the crest of a hill
their silouettes looking like
life personified
at its finest moment
ripping through the dead
of winter with glee
youthful exuberance
and spirits fermenting
in their bloodstream
and their brains
they topped the next hill
rushing into the blackness
of January's deep freeze
and in split seconds
hit a ton and a half of steel
snow grooming equipment

metal on metal...
bone on steel plate crushed'
massive blunt force trauma
silence instantaneously
transformed the grinning face
of one into rigor mortis
the other thrown clear
in a splash of white and scarlet
24 and there is no more
I suppose his spirit
hovered over that place of gore
for just a while
a look of amazement still plastered
on his afterlife face
his buddy splayed in the snow
never even realizing his pal was gone
and this now departed soul
if his spirit finger could just
have written a message in the snow
it would have said simply
" W H Y ? "
but then forces beyond his
limited resources remaining
sped him from this plane
of existence
and perhaps he howled a bit
at the speed of his parting
as he was whisked away into eternity
faster then any snowmobile or
motored vehicle he had ever
known...and the rescue crews
removed his flesh residues
as his buddy was rushed to
emergency care
and the big flakes of snow
fell like a blanket to hide
the scars of his passing
and the world sped on
with one less rider
in the jump seat...
and one less son for
his family to love..

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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