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When Two Collide Most Gently.

Updated on January 7, 2010


When Two Collide Most Gently.


Gently I pull that
lock of ebony,
wayward hair
back from your face
and just gaze into your
alluring eyes.

Long moments studying
the enchantment of you,
till our lips grow magnetic,
lashes descending in
anticipation as we
meld into a cushion of flesh.

Warm, wet, intoxicating,
as all emptiness between us
is filled with arms, legs,
and bodies pressed.

I find myself completely
abandoned in your embrace,
sharing the wonders of two,
as sound evaporates into
the soft wisp of lover's
exploring passions texture.

One pair
becoming two pairs
tethered, floating
in a silk wash,
there is nothing on earth
comparable to the
suspension of time
in the bliss of your kiss.

I release you
just long enough to
whisper in your
most nibbable ear
that "I love you."
hearing it echo
from your own lips.

Then I eagerly return
to seal our
declarations of love
within the  
sweet sanctuary
of another.






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      poetlorraine 7 years ago


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      pbwriterchick 7 years ago

      This is yummy :)