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When Two World's Collide.

Updated on May 13, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

When Two Worlds Collide!

Happy, tousled blonde head turning,
arms unsynchronized go flailing,
muscles fresh on stubby legs
pump the strength 
of three short years
into this moment in time.

Spring of nineteen-fifty-five
dashing for a bright red ball
tossed up by a sibling playing
simple joys of run and fetch 
swiftly that ball rolled on past
most intrigued he chased on after
carefree of the world around him
rushing by in pastel blurs
Key in the ignition turning
nervously the hand slips down
shifting the car into first gear 
moves practiced just twice before
the student tense as the instructor
gazes with critiquing eyes
hands upon the wheel gripped tightly
cringing as his pen jots notes
wincing at this teacher's sighs
as just outside the world flys by
ignored for thoughts are centered elsewhere
on tougher things still left ahead
scarlet flash so bright at curbside
rolling orb meets hard concrete
spinning mindless cross the roadway
followed up by tiny feet
startled gasp it breaks the May air
a frightened sister starts to run
suddenly the world goes slow-mo
tragedy it jaywalks too
tousled head in concentration
hands reach outward for the ball
eager legs they venture onward
both ears deaf to any pleas
Flash of chrome, and hot wax finish
burnished by the morning sun
seeming to come out of nowhere
treading on a deadly path
toddler now just right of center
sibling failing yet to reach him 
two lips form a piercing scream
student driver checks the rear view
scanning briefly what's behind
instructor jumps and shouts a warning
all much too late, the die is cast
eight pairs of eyes go wide in horror
one foot slams clutch, the other brakes
two skid rows burn trails thru projects
attempts at miracles denied
tousled blonde boy tossed up skyward
unsynchronized arms and legs flail
a rag doll as he tumbles downward
a red ball...his head hits the street
lying twisted near three pairs of feet.
an ambulance wails out it's solo
of sorrow, and this urgent need
a student learns a lesson that she
never dreamed driving would teach
soon all is gone now but for the splashes
of young blood spent upon concrete
a compound, compressed front skull fracture
sent bits of bone into the brain
of one small boy just chasing joy
now headlines and great tears remain
But all who read this, and are sorrowed
find peace for this child cheated fate
in fact this poem just freshly written
was penned by me, my health first rate,
but what became of that poor driver
has haunted me through all these years
I wish that I could somehow find her
to say I'm fine and share a smile.

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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