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When We See His Face

Updated on November 21, 2009

Jesus Advent

When He Comes in the Clouds
When He Comes in the Clouds

The Song Lyrics

When we See His Face.

I looked to the skies.

     And what did I see there?

The clouds rolled away,

     And my Savior appeared


The voice of the angel

      calling the righteous.

And the dead and the living met

      Christ in the air.



When we shall see Him,

      we shall be like him.

For we will see Him as he is.

      And we do not know what we shall be.

But we shall be changed when we see His face.


I looked to the skies

      And what did I see there?

The Christ on his charger

    His church behind


Flying to earth

     to press out his judgment

And set up His Kingdom

     a thousand years time.




I looked to the earth

     I looked to the air.

A noise and a fire

     destroying all there.


A throne and a judgement

     Eternal dwellings

And so we forever

     will be in His care.




Song Writer's Notes

 This song is about the prophetic revelation of Jesus Christ, Messiah.  The first verse describes when the skies split open and He steals His Church as a thief in the night.

The second verse is when he comes as a thief in the day time.  He comes for the whole world to see.  For he comes with the church.  This time he sets His foot on the Earth and sets up David's throne in Jerusalem.

The Third verse describes when Jesus wraps up the saints in his hands and destroys all reality to make a new heaven and earth.  There is the great White Throne Judgment and all sinners receive the eternal physical bodies so that they can burn forever in the Lake of Fire prepared for the Devil and his angels.

But the saints dwell in the presence of God for all eternity.  Praise God!  Be part of that first resurrection so that you do not have to suffer the second one unto eternal death.

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