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When a Ghost Comes Out of the Closet

Updated on March 11, 2010

Scary Things are All Around

A Frightening story about a Closet Ghost

Several years ago, I lived in the basement of this old mans home for a while in Western Florida. Upon moving into the space the old guy told me some of the history of this particular home and how he became a resident and owner of the property.

He told of strange occurrences in the house that happened some 50 years ago or so. Seems that a farmer and his family occupied the dwelling from the time it was built till they realized that there was a strange presence there. It is said that a long time ago before the house was even built that an Indian tribe had occupied the land and a small portion of the property was considered burial grounds for the people that had lived there many moons ago.

As the old man was showing me the living space that I would be occupying he continued with the story of how he believed the house to be inhabited by Indian Spirits childlike and adults as well. He, Mr. Warder spoke of several incidents in specific that enticed him to believe the stories of haunting were in fact true. He described one time, late on an October evening a visitation kind of event involving actually seeing what appeared to be a persons ghost and hearing strange sounds."I was standing at the top of these very stairs, looking downward when I saw a clouded figure moving up towards me." he said."I heard this strange howling kind of sound and felt a coldness on my face." At the very moment, the lights flickered and I felt a chill as well.

A few days past and I was all settled in and had the place feeling real cozy. That night about 11:29 PM, I was sprawled out on the couch resting, reading over some paperwork from the days business dealings when all of a sudden the closet door kind of just popped open. I felt this cool and dry feeling breeze on my face and arm. Strangely, I felt as if there were someone in the room with me. As I looked around the space, I saw nothing suspicious at first, but then when my eyes came to the corner near the bathroom door, there, was this ominous looking cloudy smokey looking figure. It appeared to be a ghost of some kind. I started to tremble in fear thinking that I was being visited by someone from beyond the grave. The first reaction to this astonishing paranormal presence was complete fear. Next I thought, I need to get out of here right away. I sat there trembling and wondering to myself what should I do, what?

The clouded figure ever so slowly hovering and moving towards me caused me to be frozen in shock. I could not move. It moved towards me a little and then I heard a kind of moaning sound. Finally the ghostly figure started to move away and went back into the closet and disappeared.

The whole event had taken less than three minutes, but as it happened, it seemed like an eternity. I was in such shock, that I could not relax and was sure that I would not be able to sleep there that night. After regaining some composure, I slipped on a shirt and some shoes and went out to the store down the road just to try and process what had taken place. I ask myself was this real or did I imagine that I'd been visited by a ghost.

While out to the store, I decided to call my friend Marie and as chance would have it was awake. I told her what had just happened to me and she assured me that these kinds of things happen to a lot of people in many different places. She invited me to come over and talk about it and I immediately accepted her invitation. I ended up sleeping on her couch until the wee hours of the following morning at which time I found the courage to return to my little basement hideout that was inhabited by ghosts of some sorts.

Several days passed and no more visits have happened that I'm aware of,but I decided that I couldn't stay in that basement bungalow anymore and told the old guy I'd be moving on.

He assured me that he understood why and said it was alright. After packing and loading my things, not knowing exactly where I was headed to, I vowed to myself, no more basements in old houses built on or near Indian burial plots. Never again in this life do I want to experience this kind of thing, never ever.


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Well done, Artin! I lived in a haunted house once myself.

    • christinecook profile image

      christinecook 8 years ago

      good story this was,I would of run as well !!

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      This is a good story and so glad I have discovered it. Now we need some Christmas ghost stories as well. I really don't think one needs to fear them, spooky as they can be. LOL

    • Deborah-Lynn profile image

      Deborah-Lynn 8 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Sorry this thing had you so frightened, I am sure I would be too! Bless You for sharing!

    • bayareagreatthing profile image

      bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

      Spooky- just in time for Halloween!

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Yes, it's not about the contests, it's about the writing! I didn't even know there was a contest- shows how much I know, lol. I enjoyed this and appreciate you alerting me to your hub by commenting on my how to write a ghost story hub!

    • Artin2010 profile image

      Artin2010 8 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Thanks, this was last minute writing and obviously I've missed the window of opportunity to enter the contest. Hey I got it done though, yea, another hub under my belt of hubbing in hubville!

    • mollyjmoser profile image

      mollyjmoser 8 years ago from Nevada

      That's interesting! Have you ever been interested in ghost hunting?

    • profile image

      "Quill" 8 years ago

      Strange this happening oit there...


    • profile image

      Scott.Life 8 years ago

      Very spooky