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When the Grass

Updated on March 4, 2011

tomorrow’s a new day




Will be forgotten


the light

and the might

of the eager armies

surging to war

we’ll have forgotten

what the fight had been for

and the wind whispers peaceful death

over grass reaching for height

and the moon in the morning sky

and the silver-hot fright

which the living things move by

driven to flight

when the quickening pulse

and the mood is just right

when the life-shedding earth snake

pulls my skin around tight

i will cling to the new grass

Like the cold morning frost

i will sing to the very last

i will sing very lost

Like the song of the deep sea

Like the howl of the stray dog

who scours the night streets

outlined in the dense fog

when the earth overturns itself

yet again as it always does

when the ends of the universe

touch me, soft like my mother’s blood

i will change in the darkness

like a lady undressing

i will cast in my fury

every trapping and dressing

I will rage in the silent storm

I will find peace at last

I will blaze across eons

I will lie in the grass


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