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When you believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 2!

Updated on October 28, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Just because something seems difficult for you, does not mean it’s impossible to achieve. Here’s something to think about, “Impossible only means you are in search of finding a solution. The issue is only impossible if you are willing to believe it’s something you can’t attain, or until you believe and it is done.

It's far more interesting to accomplish something that is hard than to quit and later regret it in the future. In this world, there will always be trials, stumbling block and less than perfect situations, but conditions also come with you, making a choice; willing to take a risk and the chance to do the impossible.

This story begins with Mindy, the Yes, we can's director teaching Charles the song she wrote. It is called, “Yes, we can win.” “Teach me the song,” said Charles. Mindy is still in tears, but she taught him line by line and after a few rehearsals, He was able to sing the entire song by himself.

Then Charles told Mindy He wanted to grow up and revenge against the government that killed his father, but the strong warnings from his mother held him back. One Saturday afternoon as Mindy and the boy strolled in the streets, the boy started singing the song and Mindy wondered why the song.

The boy explained how his mother had taught the boy the song when the war broke out and told him to keep strong just in case the worst happened. The boy said that every time he sang the song, he found the inner strength to become a better person who would be successful in life. Mindy had the boy teach her the song.

Charles wiped Mindy’s tears with his scarf as he wondered why the great words would make her cry. “Why are you crying?” He asked. Mindy had not even noticed the tears as she was drawn from the memory, wondering what became of the African boy.

Mindy could not lose this chance, there is a saying that says ‘strike the rod while it is still hot’. Charles would believe anything that Mindy would say at that very moment. Mindy narrated the story of the African boy, citing the boy was Charles’ age when the two met.


She went on to share how the boy lost both of his parents in a war and he almost lost hope in life if Mindy had not assisted him to find his way back in time. Charles was curious to know what became of the boy afterward and Mindy lied that the boy was now pursuing a master’s degree in Engineering at the University though she had actually lost touch with the boy after handing him over to a children’s home.

Mindy added that the boy no longer wanted to revenge against the government and wished to become a rich and respectable man in his future. She also advised Charles to work hard in class and regain his top position, do good and performance in school, he would be guaranteed to be a rich and respectable man in his future.

She tried to talk him out of vengeance and its risks, telling him he too could lose his life and maybe never live long enough to father well his own children. She encouraged him of how the world has lots of opportunities if only one would be focused and work hard.

Mindy encouraged Charles to smile and continue being friendly like he once was, she told him how his mother, his teachers, friends, and neighborhood really wished to have back the jovial Charles they used to know.

She even told him how his father would be watching over him all the time from heaven and smiles down at him every time he did right and felt sad when he locked himself in his room refusing to talk to anyone.

All this had a great effect on Charles, who is now smiling. Something changed in him, and there was a feeling of hope.

Mindy and Charles went back to the house and cleaned the cups they had used for breakfast as they sang their song. They then locked the house and headed for Charlie café holding hands on the street and singing.

Charles hugged and kissed his mother at the counter table, something he had not done for almost a year that his mother sent a questioning look at Mindy who just smiled back.

“Madam Clara, you have your Charles back,” Mindy said with a broad smile. Before his mother could say or do anymore, Charles ran upstairs where his sisters were playing a video game; he sat between them and they enjoyed the game together.

Sasha and Sandra were surprised to see Charles in a jovial mood as they had lately learned to keep off his path; he had changed to a quiet and easily upset boy. When Charles noticed the surprise on his sister’s faces, he cuddled them, promised to love and care for them forever.

He narrated his story at Mindy’s place to them and how he had promised himself to change and be a good person to everyone. He even taught them the new song Mindy wrote. From upstairs, Mindy and Madam Clara could hear the singing joyful voices.

All this time Mindy was narrating to Madam Clara how everything unfolded to get the new Charles. Madam Clara sobbed as she thanked Mindy for what she had done. Mindy could only comfort her that she just acted like an angel to Charles since nothing much had she done to it.

On Sunday evening, Charles went to Ms. Lakes home to have his homework corrected and also to inform her that he would not need the evening classes anymore as things were now different.


Ms. Lakes was surprised to tick all the math’s answers right. She noticed the joy and new strength in the boy. He had really changed for the better. She wished the night would move like a flash so that she could share the good news with Ms. Leakes the following morning.

Charles arrived among the first in class, he dusted the blackboard and arranged Ms. Leake's table positioning everything different from the old way she always kept her things. The table arrangement made everything on it look different but neat.

That was the first thing the teacher noticed when she entered the class. Furious with who had touched her things, the class unanimously reported it was Charles. He smiled at her, moved forward to her table and kissed her on the cheek.

“Good morning Ms. Leakes” He greeted with a broad smile, she hugged him tightly and assured him that she was no longer upset about the new table arrangement that she actually loved the new set up.

She was even more surprised to notice Charles’ great participation in class. She gave the class a small test that morning and Charles scored well. This was great news and wanted to hear more as Mindy and Ms. Lakes narrated to her over the tea break.

It was now time for the end of year exams and like expected, Charles was top on the list having scored wonderfully. He eventually would join fourth grade.

At the YES, WE CAN foundation, Mindy shared Charles story. She even nominated him for the foundation’s yearly awards. The awards were decided upon by a panel of judges who considered every story presented.

It was a few weeks after that when Ms. Leakes received a call from the foundation, stating that Charles had won the award. Ms. Leakes relayed the news to Madam Clara, Ms. Lakes, and Mindy. All this was like a dream come true.

On the day of the awards ceremony, Charles wore a dark suit and a pair of velvet shoes, presents he had received from Ms. Leakes and Ms. Lakes respectively. It had been a long road, getting to a place where he felt happy and proud of himself.

He was ready to walk across that stage. Accompanied by his family, they arrived at the conference center where the paparazzi and journalists alike lined up to take his pictures. He felt like a star.

They sat quietly as the proceedings, listening to speeches from various guests including the president himself, who would also be presenting the awards to the winners.


There was applause as every winner went up the podium to get the awards. When Charles was called, he reached out to Mindy and asked her to walk up the podium with him.

She agreed and hand in hand they went. After shaking the president’s hand, Charles asked if he could say a few words. After hearing yes, Charles said, “Thank you, Mr. President, judges, and all guests.”

“I wanted to thank my mother and my sisters, for their patience while I wasn't myself, and the love they have shown me.” “I thank you, Ms. Leakes, for believing in me and not giving up on me when I wanted nothing more than to stop trying.”

“I am grateful for everybody who cared and Ms. Lakes, as you are all the greatest.” May my father’s soul rest in peace as he continues to watch over me from heaven. And last but not least, I wish to share this award with my angel, with whom I have found new hope in life.

If she had not found me, I would still be a hopeless person. Angel, Mindy, I don’t have enough words to thank you, but I wish to be your friend forever. I love you, Angel, Mindy.

Charles meets James during the Award Ceremony. James is a guardian angel whose eyes twitches and every time it twitches it gives him a special ability to help children, special need people and elderly people who lost hope in themselves and life.

James introduces Charles to Danielle, He gets all goofy eyes. This is the very first time Charles experience such a wonderful feeling. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him, but he likes the feeling.

Charles was so attracted to Danielle and his eyes showed how much when he looked at her. To him, it seems as if the entire stage lids up and something inside him has come alive, Danielle said hello, but Charles could speak, it felt like he had a giant frog in his throat.


When Charles opens his mouth to speak, his voice cracks and he cleared his throat and tried again, when ‘Hello’ finally came out it was not in Charles normal voice.

Danielle is a little girl who is going through eye surgery in three days and afraid the surgery will leave her blind. She got poked in the eye accidentally while she was playing with her best friend Missy.

The pupil of Danielle’s eye begins running water and she felt a great pain like she never experienced. Danielle Mother and father have been very supportive and believe she will continue to see.

However, she doesn’t have that faith and each day as the surgery approach closer she dreads thinking what might happen. Danielle ’s mother is a prayer warrior and refuses to allow her to fall by the wayside, she stands in the gap for her daughter.

The big day is here and Danielle feels depressed and does not want to go to the eye doctor to have surgery on her eye. She can’t shake the feeling the surgery will leave her blind for life.

Charles offered to go with Danielle to the surgery and she was all so, for the support, she was so nervous and needed the comfort.

Danielle’s mother is not worried at all because she has enough faith for the both of them. Wendy, Danielle’s mother approaches her room to wake her to get dressed for the eye doctor appointment.

She begins moaning and groaning out loud. What’s wrong ask Wendy? My stomach hurts really bad says Danielle. I can’t go to my eye doctor appointment reply, Danielle


Wendy knew Danielle was faking after she made the statement I can’t go to my eye doctor appointment. One thing for sure a mother knows her child. Do you feel hot; Wendy told Daniel. No, mother replied Danielle. It doesn’t hurt to check your temperature said Wendy, to make sure it’s not high.

Wendy Check Danielle temperature, but it was normal. She asks her darling are you faking because of your fear to go to the eye doctor? No, well, yes replied Danielle. Mother, I can’t shake this feeling I will be left blind if I go through this surgery.

Oh, it’s okay to be afraid, said Wendy. We all have a fear that is not easy to overcome, but I will be here with and for you every step of the way. I believe you will be fine and I am asking you to put your trust in God and allow me to be your strength to believe things will work out for your good.

Danielle leans over and hugged her mom and said I will do that just for you, mother because I witness you overcome some impossible things. Wendy gets up off the bed to leave so Danielle can get dressed when she said wait, mother can we pray before you leave?

Why yes, said Wendy. May I begin the prayer, ask Danielle? Yes, you can, replied Wendy.

Danielle started by saying, “Heavenly Father, I am still a little afraid, but I am willing to put my fear aside if you will please help me.” “I know you are very busy with a lot of other people praying to you as well, but Lord, if you will please take the time to hear me and honor my prayer.”

“I know you a never forsake me and I need you this very moment more than ever.” “I been in darkness for a week and three days now and I do not like being away from the light.” “Please allow me to see again after my surgery.” “Thank you for listening, God now, please go with me to my surgery and allow me to see when the bandage is removed from my eyes, In Jesus name, I pray Amen.”


Wendy was so proud of what she had witnessed in Danielle prayers. She laughs and said baby, God is never too busy for you to pray to him and he hears every sincere prayer. You did a wonderful job praying, if you were sincere and believe you will return home when the bandage removed from your eyes, you’ll be able to see again.

Remember the scriptures we read in the bible. God does not lie, the Bible, states in Hebrews 6:18 that “it is impossible for God to lie.” Numbers 23:19 share, “God is not human, that he should lie”. Titus 1:2 reads, “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began”. Now it's my time to pray and I want you to close your eyes listen and believe.

Wendy begins by saying, “Father, I am praying to you and asking you to please come into this room.” “A little girl needs your help and I believe you will come in and help her to overcome her fear and to be strong.” “Today, we are placing our trust in you knowing you will be the eye doctor assistant and Danielle comforter.”

“Put your loving arm around her and make all fear vanish.” “The love that you will show her is the best feeling anyone can ever experience and Daniel needs that love today.” “Fear is a hinder and I am standing in the gap for that hinder to be removed in the name of Jesus.”

“I trust you Lord and I know the mighty power that you are able to manifest if one believes and I also know what power is manifested when two believe.

“Deuteronomy 32:30 help me to believe one can chase one thousand and two can pursue ten thousand.”

“Together we are asking for your help in the mighty name of Jesus, we will forever give you all the honor and praise in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

It is done baby in Jesus name just believe. Now get up, get dressed to stop being in doubt, it will be alright. Wendy gives Danielle a hug and then leave so she can get dressed for the doctor appointment.


When Danielle arrives at her eye appointment, Charles was already there waiting for her and she was fifteen minutes ahead of time. She is very nervous, but Charles grabs her hand and tells her I will be here for you, and we will get through the surgery together.

Danielle felt so much better having Charles there with her and she knows God will be with her. Wendy signs her in and they sit and wait for the nurse to call her name to be seen.

Charles told Danielle if you need to see anything, I will be your eyes until you able to use your own eyes. She was so happy to have Charles with her as she waits to see the doctor. Normally her name would have been called by now, thirty minutes had passed and Danielle is still waiting.

Danielle regular doctor is tied up with an emergency and cannot see her, instead, a substitute will be replacing Dr. Jones. Dr. James Wendell will be seeing Danielle today. Dr. Wendell has arrived and the nurse finally calls Danielle name to come back to see the doctor.

Charles walked back with her, “Hello young lady, I’m Dr. Wendell James, he said. I know you never saw me before, but trust me, you are in good hands, I will take good care of your eyes.

Look straight ahead and try not to be nervous. Danielle felt very safe with Dr. Wendell, but she did not understand why she felt so very safe with a stranger. It was a wonderful feeling and she felt relieved as she was tired of feeling afraid.

As a matter of fact, she felt more secure with Dr. Wendell than her regular doctor. When he touched her face to look at her eyes, she felt a tinting feeling all over her body, she will never ever be able to explain.

The feeling she felt was a similar feeling a personal experience with their very first high experience off crack or cocaine while using drugs. Danielle didn’t know it, but Dr. Wendell was a guardian angel appoint to her with the hope she doesn’t lose hope and stop believing in seeing again after the surgery and the removal of her bandage.

A week has passed and today is the day Danielle return to see the doctor to remove her bandage to test her eyes to reveal the result of the surgery. She requests to see Dr. Wendell instead of her regular doctor.

Charles were there with Danielle, she did not have to wait this time the nurse immediately calls her name on time to see Dr. Wendell. She was so thrilled she didn’t have to wait. Five minutes after she sat down in the waiting room Dr. Wendell came in and begin removing the bandage from her eyes.

What will happen? Will Danielle be able to see after months of darkness? Although Dr. Wendell was there Danielle still felt nervous. Charles was sitting there holding her hand every step of the way.

Stay tuned as I reveal if Danielle will see, more details on her and Charles and so much more in Part 3 of when you believe, it can inspire you to do the impossible.

When you believe, It Can Inspire You to Do the Impossible, Part 2!

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Planetshakers - Nothing is Impossible (with lyric)

© 2018 Pam Morris


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