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...Where Day Meets The Night...(Roar of Dawn Conclusion)

Updated on April 8, 2011

...Silent Screenplay...

...A storm was gathering on the horizon where the day met the night. Clouds began to spin and form images, winds blew them together so that they danced a painful display of nostalgia and lost memories. I lay on the deck of the Goddess and She swept Her arms back and forth, like a master painter with a huge brush in Her hands. The orchestration of whites and blues and starlight made me feel as if I was on top of a very high building, and I had to lay back against a large coil of rope. My arms laid back and grasped underneath the pile as the ship moved closer to the display in the sky.

...The faces became clearer, dark and ominous memories from childhood surfaced, awful feelings of fear and abandonment rose to the surface of my mind like I had rose from the depths of my death. Strings of nostalgia tightened around my flesh, leaving red pressure marks upon me. She did not edit or erase any of it. She kept conducting the silent screenplay of things that should have been left dead.


...The animation slowed to a halt where what we call Time stood still, and the Still Points were clearly illustrated by Her hand. I saw myself turning down the wrong path again and again, brutally stubborn, terrifically mistaken. She, Herself, was illustrated in the canvas of my life - always identified by red points of light, or splatters of paint...sometimes drops of blood. She sometimes seemed to originate from my very cells, a drop of blood multiplied a million times teeming with eternal ethereal life.

...She lowered Her arms then and made a sweeping motion across the deck of the ship.  I held onto the coils as it began to spin around, certain that I would be sick but only lingered in the just nauseous feeling because I was not human here.  The motion made me promise to matter what happens next...Listen...there is nothing more you can do, anyway.  The velocity pinned me against the deck now and the rope began to unravel into something that my mind would fail to digest, being so new to rebirth.  It poured out over the planks and slithered along toward Her. 

...I closed my eyes but they still saw the snake rise up and wrap itself around Her arm.  A fire now roared on the sea.  Ashes fell from the sky and coated the deck.  A long shadow poured out across it and trails of Her dress hung out over the sides of the ship like huge tentacles.  She was enormous now, Her face skyward, eyes closed.  I try to stand but have no strength and my vision is now failing and painful. 

...She is whispering to the night as a flapping sound comes from above.  The snake has left a trail in the ash and I look from that to Her arm and back again, my eyes watering and burning.  A feeling of descending overwhelms me as the Eagle lands on the forecastle.  Untouched by the debris, he holds the Scorpion in his talon.  The Scorpion.  He gently placed it on the port and it scurried past the Lady.  As it ran it grew smaller and smaller, shrinking to fit into a crevice between the boards, returning back to where it first came from. 


...The ship sailed on, the Lady's whisperings became silent. The Snake recoiled, retracted, retreated. He curled into a pile and looked like the rope again. She turned to me then.

"All you have known is gone now. There is nothing here I can teach you. You must watch and exist now, in this this Destruction of All that is. You must be willing to start again. Only you can choose to do so. Obviously, you already have or you would not be here. You asked before coming to the Lighthouse, to be here. You asked the question, "Why?" Your answer is painted in Twilight, between the day and the night. The canvas is waiting.  You must give it life.  As you fill it in, so will you be restored to your new life.  There is no master but you."

...She stood beside me and we looked out over the sea, now copper and gleaming with liquid residue of the fire.  Curls of smoke mingled with the clouds that folded in layers of black and gray and red-gold.  Faces appeared once more, the features of all the mothers I have ever had.  They assured me that I was on the right course.  They beckoned me to accept my role as Daughter of the Sea and Sky.  I stood alone then as She retreated and watched the beautiful unveiling of my future.  Gently the ship sailed on in Silence as the Night turned back into Dawn once more.


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  • profile image

    Fran Davis 7 years ago

    This is precisely what I have been experiencing this week .