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Where Do I Get My News and Information

Updated on February 17, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


All of us have opinions. Where do we get them from? It is obvious some sources come from the news programs we watch on TV and listen to on radio and read from newspaper and magazines. Other sources are the internet and books and our connections. We interact daily with friends and colleagues and all the people we meet.

Here are some of my sources.

- Feb. 2019


We are all bombarded with all kinds of information. Some of it is just ads wanting to sell us something. Most of it is junk. We have to be selective in what we decide to watch or listen or read. What determines the mix of media we rely on? Here are my criteria.

1. Entertaining

2. Accuracy

3. Relevance

4. Popular

5. Unique perspective

Every one of the media sources must possess these properties In order to be sustainable. Top on the list is entertaining. The show or program must contain some entertaining value to hold the attention of the audience. Next, the information provided must be accurate. Not to be 100% which is impossible. Everyone makes mistakes and news media is no different. They also contain bias, intended or otherwise. The information must also be relevant. News of the day and events must have some relevancy in order to capture the audience’s interest. Popularity is another key factor. If a host is popular with many diverse audiences, it is more likely to succeed. Finally, the host must offer a unique perspective. Something that adds a twist to the story. Often, a host would use a story to link to another issue that may be unrelated but after in depth analysis, it comes together. This perspective is what gives the audience a sense of enlightenment.

My Top List...

1. Morning with Maria - Fox Business Channel

2. Rush Limbaugh - talk radio

3. Mark Levin - Life Liberty and Levin

4. Michael Savage - Savage Nation

5. Drudge Report - Matt Drudge website

6. Watts Up With That - website

7. Time Magazine

8. The Heritage Foundation


We are told information has value. Depending the type of information, we can obtain value. For example, financial information when properly applied could bring us wealth. Investment strategies come to mind. Other information can give us value in our lives. Help us navigate a complex world. Information such as tips, and personal behavior such as diet, and supplements can help us to be healthier. Mental self help advice can help us with depression. Physical advice on training and exercise can improve our quality of life.

All the above mentioned program help me in various ways to deal with our daily lives.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, our opinions determines how we view the world and also how we fit in. It comes down to results. What works for me may not be for others. The results I seek are for economic security, a safe and clean environment, a free society and the opportunity to advance.


My opinion and views are shaped by many factors. My education, my up brining, and my family. In addition, I choose to receive information from various news media. I also make up my own mind after weighing all sides. This is what discernment means. We are a complex organism. We live in a complex world. There are opinions from all sides. It is imperative that we do the diligence and be informed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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