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While There Is Life, There Is Hope!

Updated on May 30, 2013

I sit here, day after day, watching and listening. I hear the birds chirp during the day and the frogs croak at night. I am aware of the soaring of eagles overhead, and of songbirds fluttering from the trees. There is a fragrance in the air in the spring, a simple pleasure to enjoy. My life seems good.

Occasionally, one sits next to me. Often, they are sad. I so want to reach out and take their hand or hold them close to me so they can feel my energy and life. But, that is impossible. I listen to them as they talk to no one, only themselves. They know I am there, but don’t see me, not as I really am.

Others come who are happy, busy or just stop for a moment or two. But it is the sad ones that concern me. Why so much unhappiness? It hurts me to see, feel and experience their pain and sufferings, when I can’t do anything but listen.

Jehovah God put me on earth to be near people, to be here for people, to be enjoyed and to be loved. But all I can to is listen. I can’t help anyone….touch anyone….hold anyone.

But what I can do, is the same thing that other people can do! I can be here! I can listen! I can still bloom in a beautiful way, sway with the wind and dance in the sun. I can still revel in life, and still listen to the sadness. It touches me, I am affected.

But if I remain strong, hold myself high and listen, perhaps that is enough to help the sadden soul that is sitting next to me. I will remain strong! I will blossom! And for me, a lonely little flower, sitting next to the bench, I will continue to be there for people to enjoy because that is what Jehovah intended for me. Perhaps the lonely, sad person will then learn that while there is sadness and hurt….there is still beauty.

…and while there is life, there is always HOPE!


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