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Where Two Roads Diverge And Merge.

Updated on December 14, 2009

Where two roads diverge and merge.



Somewhere is

always lovelier,
and happier then here,
it sits just

over yonder,
past the gleams that
blur the tears,

past the clefts that

rend the hearts

past the woe

of man and woman,
where every love
is true love,
and couples
hand in hand,

leave beach footprints
sharing intimate hints

then pillow mints

basking in some

afternoon delights

Somewhere peace

grows heavy
on the trees,

its fruits are abundant
and one need only pluck
and taste its most heavenly
of nectar's that all should suck.

somewhere beyond

the bending
of a frown there

lies a smile,
just past two hearts
that make new starts,
and dance through

the first long mile.

I'll see you soon

over that crest
come join with me

where all is best.~~~~~~©-MFB III


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