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Where are you oh my storm

Updated on January 16, 2016

Have you ever sat down and wonder about your life, the suffering in your family, wonder why so many others have so much yet your parents can’t afford anything, not even a guarantee one meal in a day? Well, I always try to make my story short without omitting anything so to introduce myself to you, just call me Daniel.

Growing up was nothing but passing through hell we hardly eat in my family and although my parents tried their best but supporting six children and another one on wheel chair was a task enough to kill my father whose only source of income was tapping and selling palm wine, when our house was destroyed by rain, I and my mother rebuilt it.

The days myself and each of my siblings stayed in school could be counted with the fingers because we were always the first to be sent home for not paying school fees.

I was only ten but I saw myself as an old man because I helped my dad in his business and also took care of my younger siblings. Poverty as far as I believe originated from our home. I used to see other children celebrate their birthdays and it confused me because no one in my family ever celebrated birthday and when I asked our father what birthday meant, he told me that it was for those whose date of birth was recorded so in other words neither mine nor that of my siblings was recorded.

Where are you oh my storm?

Have you ever asked this question? If you have not then this is the time for you to do that because after seeing everything in this planet earth, all the beautiful things, the sea, the ocean, the sound of birds, the angels rooming the streets, one need not to deny the fact that there is God and he made everything.

My elder sister was only 14 years when he saw her then came calling for marriage and our parents didn’t want to give her out at that tender age, I was a boy but I see myself as an old man and I reasoned and agreed with our father that we can’t help it if she run away with him because she liked him and wanted to go with him, not because he was rich or because he was driving nice cars but he promised to send her to school, to train her then marry her when she was old enough. I believed him because he sat me down and we talked about my future too.

Prince was only twenty four but already living like a king and coming into our family was one of those wonders by God because we had just a tiny one bedroom house but he told my parents that his love for Juliet is unconditional and stronger than the chain of Amistad. People criticized my parents for giving out Juliet, some said that he sold her to Prince while some said that she is his sex slave but Juliet was enrolled in a private school and my other siblings too. What about me? Prince took us just like his own blood and after nine years, when Juliet got admission to study Law, Prince built her a beautiful house in my father’s compound.

I went on to excel as an engineering student and graduated on top of my class. When I look back at where I began and how I got to where I am today, I see no reason to doubt because there is God and no matter who you are and how great is your storm, the one to rescue you is just behind you and at the appointed time, will get to you. You can struggle for human favor but for his grace, it locates you without any difficulty or struggle. The only thing I do now is sit down and ask my storm where thou art because the same head teacher that found pleasure in sending us home became a teacher in Juliet’s own private school.

If you are still doubting then reading my story is a reason for you to start believing because, your own Prince will locate you and all your sorrow will be washed away, there will be no more pain and no more grief, you will no longer lack and forever will give him praise because of the testimony you will share the same way I shared mine with you. Believe it or not, this is a season of Grace and as you have read my story and believe that he is able and greater than your entire problem, his grace will locate you.

I once fell down form the palm tree when I was twelve years old, that evening I only wanted to help our sick father but while falling down, I saw flashes of light, the atmosphere was quiet and I saw lots of palm trees with a host of Angels then splashes of water, it was like a dream and it was like dying, it was like disaster, those that saw me on the air were screaming but I landed with my two legs and they called it Miracle. Are you ready for your own Miracle? If you are then ask your storm right now…

Where are you oh my storm

I barely have enough and my family was hell

We seek thy face but you turned away

And we stopped believing because we didn’t understand

That you have your own time for everyone

The thundering rolls of poverty united us

But it was your grace that uplifted us

You heard our cry unto you

And you sent your Angel to show us thy face

When everything was about to fall apart

Oh God, you washed away our entire storm

All we now do is to lift up our hands

In worship and thanksgiving to you

For you are what you are and who you are

You made all things very beautiful

And that hill that was once our stumbling block

Became the origin of our help

You are who you are and what you are

You washed away our entire affliction and sorrows

You are God, you are God, and you are our redeemer.


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