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Where did Ancient Kuzhebar come from and who is to blame?

Updated on November 22, 2011

Far-far away in the East, where the earth nears its edge, on the shore of the Untold sea, full of stars and other miraculous beings, a huge stone lies, all by itself, like a big white rock. From this stone, hugging it with its all-embracing numerous roots, a great tree of Kuzheoak grows, the tree of all the trees, the platform and the support for all the living, the stem and the connecting link of all the worlds. Seven worlds beyond the sky are held by the Oak, Seven underground worlds are bolted by its roots. It's difficult to say, what was earlier: the universe itself or the Great Tree. Let's put it this way: the world gradually developed and grew together with the Oak. Who planted it and when? The people of Kujebar say, that it is Byindulia - Great Granny - the initial cause.

High-high, higher than any of the upper seven worlds is the forked top of the Great Tree. From time to time, on each of them, one fruit ripes - the Magical Golden Acorn and the Magical Silver Acorn. And when the moment comes, one of them leaves its place and flies in the Western direction to an unknown place, because up there, higher than anywhere, the Eastern wind blows without stopping for a second. These acorns contain a magical glowing liquid that is risen by the tree from the deepest depths, lower than any of the underground worlds. Down there, two sources keep flowing: the Silver Source of Wisdom and the Golden Source of Joy, it's their water that is contained in the acorns. For some reason, the Silver Acorn may be not completely full. Either the wisdom is not endless, or the acorn itself has a flaw, or in all this there is another kind of wisdom which is a bigger wisdom, but this is the fact. 

Uncle Korney
Uncle Korney

So, there were two persons: uncle Korney and uncle Stebloy. Uncle Korney was clever, uncle Stebloy was merry. They still exist. And once they thought: if these are acorns, even unusual ones, then it is possible to plant them, and maybe something grand will grow, to make us joyful and wise, as well as all the living beings. 

So said so done. They made a bed, and went to search the acorns. At those times, the earth was not as huge as now, as well as the Great Tree, so it was easy to find it. Once they found it, they went up the top, each to each top, and so they saw: indeed, the acorns grew. So, each of them got an acorn. Korney got the Silver one, Stebloy - the Golden one. However, they were nor aware that the underground source for the Silver acorn was very-very hot, while the source for the Golden acorn was way too cold. And so were the acorns. The Golden one is so unapproachable - it burns you from far away. Korney was lucky: that day, there was just a little bit of liquid in the Silver one, just on the bottom. So he grabbed it immediately, but, still it felt very cold. Then he moved backwards, holding the acorn with an arm (it was not a simple one, too big to hold it in a hand). So cold! He was squeaking but holding it. Stebloy screams over to him: "Jump down, or you will freeze your belly!" As Korney was climbing with his head down, so he jumped down this way. At that time, it was not too high. Uncle's head was young and firm. So, he jumped up and ran, without breaking his head, to the place where the bed was. Stebloy waves his hands from up there again: "Be quick, plant it when it is still cold, if it heats, it will lose its germinating ability!" Korney ran as far as he could and jabbed it into the soil without looking where, covered it, watered it, of course, and the ice appeared immediately. 

And Stebloy thought: " I need to grab the Golden acorn with something, drop it, roll it and also plant it to keep the thermal state of the earth balanced". So he took a folder and started to peck. So he set the acorn free. Only the acorn, instead of falling down, flew to to the West as it was supposed to, because of the ever blowing Eastern wind. For the first time then, the day started earlier than usually. Stebloy got down the Tree muttering: "Okay, I will get it somehow. Korney will help me when he gets out from the bushes." So, he keeps thinking ever since. As he invents something new, he gets up to try it, only nothing has worked so far, only some confusion, that of the day and of the night. It's because Uncle Stebloy wasn't clever, like Korney, but merry. 

Ancient Kuzhebar people
Ancient Kuzhebar people

As for Korney, he began to plant acorns all the time. When he saw that silver water was coming to an end up there, the next day he went to grab it. And every time he jumped this way, his head down, with the precious weigh in his arms. And so for many-many years. Kuzheoak during this time has grown so much that it is impossible to see the top behind the clouds, and nobody can get up, except for the sophisticated uncle. He is used to it. 

However, more often than not uncle Korney began to complain Stebloy about the headaches. And then Stebloy, as a joke, advised him to tie to his shoulders a dome-like sail. It was a joke, of course. And uncle Korney made this equipment, because he didn't understand jokes. As unlike Stebloy, he was not a joker but a clever person. So, he began jumping in a more comfortable way, landing with the help of the wind where he wished. Meanwhile Stebloy enjoyed watching the movements of Korney who was the first aeronaut. Accidentally, headaches seized to torture the clever head of Korney. 

From the planted acorns trees grew up. A whole silver forest has grown for so many long years. They called this forest first Kuzhebor (which means pine forest), and later on, with time, they called it Ancient Kuzhebor, as it became very old. When people inhabited it, they called themselves ancient kuzhebor people. We are going to call it, Ancient Kuzhebor, as they say it now, due to the irreversible change in the language, which not a are thing in our world. 

(This story is recorded after the Siberian people's legends who live in the land in the south of Siberia). 


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      Kimberly Lane,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I tried to make it humourous and interesting at the same time. These legends of creation of our world can be found in different kinds of folklore. But they always have their unique style, settings and characters. That's why they are always interesting and beautiful.

    • Kimberley Lane profile image

      Kimberley Lane 6 years ago from N.W.Pacific Coast, USA

      i love your style of writing! Very interesting article!