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Where to Find The Blackest Night Lantern Rings: Buy Blackest Night Green Lantern Rings Online

Updated on January 27, 2016

To coincide with the popularity of mega-event Blackest Night, DC Comics released limited edition free lantern rings as a special promotion alongside certain issues of comic books. Coming out two a month, these comics were hot sellers and the rings were considered popular collector's items.

For those who are unable to find these Green lantern rings in the comic book store, it is possible to buy them for cheap online off of eBay or other reputable second hand markets. Read below to find out the best places to buy Blackest Night rings online.

Wave 0: Blackest Night Rings

The first of the rings released was the Black Lantern ring.  Packed in with Blackest Night #1 although way back in July, the huge popularity of these free rings convinced DC to release the whole gamut of rings as a special promotion of the course of several weeks in winter of 2009.

They're still easy to find online, so if you missed your chance don't waste time: buy the Black Lantern ring today.

The Rings Together

All 8 Blackest Night Promo Rings
All 8 Blackest Night Promo Rings

Wave 1: Free Yellow Lantern Blackest Night Rings

Released November 4th 2009 alongside Doom Patrol #4, the Yellow Lantern Ring was given away for free at comic book stores all over America. Unfortunately, shipping problems prevented many customers from being able to claim their Blackest night rings on the 4th. For those who missed out on the chance, there's still time to buy the special edition Sinstero Corp power ring online so your collection isn't left missing a vital piece.

Wave 2: Free Indigo and Orange Lantern Blackest Night Rings

The second wave of free Blackest Night rings were released on November 11th, 2009. The Indigo ring were shipped with R.E.B.E.L.S. #4. The color of compassion will be a hot item for Green Lantern fans looking to reserve all 8 colors for themselves.

The free Orange Lantern ring was shipped alongside Booster Gold #26. The world's most selfish super hero comes packed with this rare Orange Lantern promotional ring. Those looking to make these rings MINE can purchase the Orange Lantern ring through eBay for cheap.

Wave 3: Free Violet and Blue Lantern Blackest Night Rings

Fans of the Star Sapphires should check out Outsiders #24, which will ship on November 18th with a Violet Lantern ring. That same day, the Blackest Night promotion continues with Adventure Comics #4 and a free Blue Lantern ring.

Both of these comics are well worth your support, so go out and help these top quality comics. However, for those who happen to miss out, it will still be possible to buy a Blue Lantern ring or a Violet Lantern ring. Check out the store to your right for cheap Blackest night rings.

Wave 4: Free Red and Green Lantern Blackest Night Rings

The final set of Blackest Night rings were the Red and Green power rings . These rings are among the most popular, particularly the free Green Lantern rings.

The Green Lantern Ring was released with Blackest Night #5. Green Lantern being the primary focus of the various "Lantern" comics, it is often considered a top priority for collector's of comic book memorabilia.

Final Release: White Lantern Power Rings

After the original release, DC included another promotion a few months later. Fans who purchased Brightest Day #1 received the somewhat unfortunately named "white power ring", or as DC would much rather you call it, the White Lantern ring.

If you missed the Brightest Day Promotional White Lantern Ring,don't fret. Just look to your right and complete the set.

Buy All 8 Blackest Night Promotional Rings

For those who don't have the patience for collecting individual rings or running out every week for a new comic book, it is possible to buy all 8 Blackest Night rings all at once. Just click on the store to your right and remove all the hassle of collecting.

Eight rings, four for each finger... impress the ladies.


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    • joawmeens profile image

      joawmeens 6 years ago from Hopewell, Ohio

      There hasn't been a better promotion in recent history. I bought all of those books, just to get the rings.....most weren't good.