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Top 10 Places to Promote your Books

Updated on July 12, 2015
!0 Book Promotion Sites
!0 Book Promotion Sites | Source

How to promote your book online

It is a big problem for many, including me, as to how to promote our book online. After a thorough search on the net I found some sources which I thought will share with others.


Where do you promote your books

Recently I was looking for sites where we can promote our books. Both traditionally published authors and self-published authors have to struggle to promote their books. If you're lucky to be published with a well known publisher you may not require to promote your book like others. Otherwise, even traditionally published authors, expect you to promote your books. While talking to many of my writer friends who have published with not so popular publishers informed me that they wanted them to buy certain number of books from them in the author's rate which they can sell and get back their money. So I was wondering which way they are better than self-published authors. At least self-published authors make a better commission by selling their books.

Top Places to Promote Your Books

In my search, I found the following sites where we can promote our books. These are inter-active sites and we have to be active participants to get the maximum benefit.


Everyone knows that goodreads is a great place for an author as well as for a reader. They have more than 1M registered users who belong to both the above categories. It is a great place to promote your book. The best part I like here is you can enter for a giveaway of your book and you will be surprised to see the number of entries to win a copy of your book. If you plan to give away the book to the readers of only your country, it may not be that much. But if you are prepared to send a book to other countries by post, the number of entries will be surprisingly very high. Thus, it is a great way to create a buzz of your book.


I'm going to become a member here soon. I knew about this site for quite some time but somehow I didn't spend enough time to check it properly. Recently I spent a good amount of time there and was convinced that it is also one of the great places to promote our book.


Another great place is Bookblogs, where you can learn various ways of promoting your book, and meet several like minded people.


It is quite a popular site and has been around for quite sometime. You can learn a lot from here and can also get good advice, when requested.


Twitter is my favorite place where we can easily promote our books.

6. Facebook

Many use Facebook for their business including book promotion.

7. Linkedin

Another great place for people to promote their books. There are various groups and you can join the interesting groups for book promotion.

Additional Community sites for Authors

8. ReadersGazette.Com

Readers Gazette is a great place for showcasing books. The only problem is that you have to sign up with your facebook account to become a member there.


The BingBing is also a great place for writers to promote their books. Promotion of books and Book Reviews are posted here regularly.


Another book promotion and book review site.

In all the above places, you have to become a member to promote your books on their platform.

Benefits of Joining the Above Sites

In all the above places, there are active discussions about book promotion. In addition, you will even have the opportunity to meet the literary agents and Editors. All sites may not work for all, for some people Facebook will be great and they may be able to sell more books through their friends. For some others linked in will be better. Twitter is more helpful for some. It is upto you which are the sites you are more comfortable with.

What is your best book promotion method?

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