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Where to Write for Money Online

Updated on December 4, 2009

Is There Really Money from Writing Online?

When people learn that other people are making big money writing blogs on the Internet, they immediately set up their own blogs and start writing their hearts out. However, some time later, they realize that despite the time they spent on writing online, they still haven't garnered a few cents from their hard work. And if they ever do, they only earn a few pennies. Most often than not, these people would feel frustrated and disappointed and eventually stop writing. They would feel they have been scammed by all the people who have reported their successes online.

Most people who are new to the blogging world and to the Internet would most probably ask this question at the start of their online ventures, "Is there really money writing online?".

Earning Online is Possible

Despite the lack of success of other people in the Internet, there are still a number of people who may be able to attest the fact that there is indeed money online. As proven by a number of people who have made it big in their ventures on the Internet, earning money online is possible. There are a number of ways to earn online. People only have to discover these secrets that can eventually lead them to succeed with their online ventures.

Ways to Earn Money Online

 If they look closely, people may find a number of opportunities online. It is true that people may earn only a few pennies or a few cents with the online programs that they have gotten into but there are a number of programs that may indeed help maximize a person's earning potential. There are a number of ways to earn decent money online and these include writing for clients or websites.

Sites that Writers May Earn with Their Writing

Content is king. This is a famous saying all over the Internet. Many people would pay for good content. Writers are in high demand. People who have the ability to write compelling content can very well make money online. Here are some websites where writers can write for money:

Suite 101

Suite 101 is a revenue-share site that offers endless opportunities for writers to earn. The learning hub of this site teaches writers to write compelling articles that are search engine optimized. The site boasts of millions of readers monthly and most articles are of high quality of the site's high editorial standards.


Triond is another revenue-share site. The more high quality articles you write on the site, the better earning opportunities you will have. The site pays monthly at a minimum payout of $.50.

Delegate 2

Also called Purecontent, this writing site accepts writers from different countries. Writers are paid $3 for every article of 250 words. Pay goes up when word count is above 250 words. They pay monthly in arrears and writers have to submit invoices every month in order to get paid.

Getpaidfrom Us

This is a paid to blog site. You set up your blog on their site and can start earning right away with the articles you have written. This is also a revenue-share site. The more quality articles you write and the more you drive traffic to your blog, the higher the possibility of earning from your post.

Associated Content

Only US writers are paid in this site although they accept non-US members. They may pay for some articles upfront.


Like AC, they accept international members but only pay writers who live in the US. Writers can earn from revenue sharing and from upfront payment.


Accepts US writers only.

PGF Web Consulting

Need An Article



Writers may also visit job boards and bidding sites to look for writing assignments.



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    • dashingclaire profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      Good information! Associated Content is recruiting for new writers. When you submit your first article by 11:59 PM EDT on May 31, 2010, you will automatically be entered into a separate sweepstakes for new Contributors to win an Apple iPad! Here’s the link if you are interested:


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