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Wherein Her Beauty Lies

Updated on May 26, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is a blend of Stubbornness, and charm. She writes about experiences, and constantly pokes fun at her Feminist view.

Her beauty comes not from her hips and thighs

nor in the pool of sparkling light that are her eyes

Not from the laughter that bubbles forth, from lips that one beholds

It is not in the fullness of her ample breast that amplifies the full figured curves

It's not sensual moves created when she walks

The slow rolling of her hips

It's neither practiced or done to entice

just her natural way of being

she is confident and aware she wears her sexuality with pride and honor

But it is not where her beauty Lies

Her beauty you see lies in the not so subtle ways she cares

for her Children, her Man and her home

It is the way babies stare as if transfixed

and the smile her appearance often elicits

It is in her gentleness

and how she sweetly cares for others who desires it thus

No, her beauty does not lay in the gentle sway

nor physical form, It's deep within, entombed

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. All pictures in my article to include Family and Friends pictures were uploaded under the free usage Laws at the time the Articles were posted to Hubpages. And as such are subject to free usage Laws.

Unless otherwise indicated as far as privacy Laws were indicated. Loss of "source" information due to computer failure or transfer of articles does not negate guilt. Free upload laws apply.

I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.

Wherein Her Beauty Lies

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