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"Where's My Teddy"

Updated on October 19, 2011

a book evaluation

I visited a local book cave, I went to the library in my home town, this weekend. They have the section for children off in a corner with little tables and chairs, bean bags and tons and tons of books. They also have posters on the wall with favorite characters from Golden Books, they also have a big poster of “Where’s My Teddy” by Jez Albrough. This poster makes me stop and tilt my head… there is a bear running with a giant teddy bear in his arms, what is going on I think? So I find this book and sit down on the floor and read through it. This book has beautiful artwork, cute rhymes; it’s not too wordy and would be easy for a child to learn the words through repetition. As for lessons, it teaches size, rhyme. The contrast in the sizes of the bears is clever and it seems very reassuring to the reader at the end when the bear and the boy both end up in their beds with the right teddy bears. The author covers the concept of big and small, but even more importantly makes children understand that just because something (or someone), seems very different than you doesn't necessarily mean you won't have something in common. And, just because something (or someone) is bigger than you doesn't mean they aren't feeling scared, too.

I loved this book so I borrowed it from the library and brought it to work with me (I work at a daycare). When it was story time the children (ages 2-3.5) requested their usual favorites but I just smiled and said “we have a visitor, Bear and Freddie” as I showed them this cover they were excited. During the story I did not lose a single one to boredom. They loved it and wanted me to read it again. ;)

I think that morals, and little lessons are still in our stories today and authors that reinvent new versions of the classics are looking for a way to tie the story to the current generation. There is entertainment in this book along with most others I picked up and read. So I feel that most, if not all, children books have some sort of education or lesson in the story line as well as entertainment.


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    • Eileen Goodall profile image

      Eileen Goodall 6 years ago from Buckinghamshire, England

      I read this book to my daughter when she was just a little tot and we both still remember it, I had to read it again and again and again but we still love it - never get tired of Eddie and Teddy and the illustrations are just beautiful - major book and would make a great Christmas present for a young child.