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How Practical Is The Bible Today? Author's Answer

Updated on November 28, 2017
American poet Lucy Larcom
American poet Lucy Larcom | Source

Is The Bible Practical?

Yes, it is.

Many people past and present have asked these two question regarding the scripture called the bible. They asked;

  1. Is the bible practical?
  2. How beneficial is it?

    These are the same questions a group of young men who have never read the bible before asked one author in Nigeria. In an effort to answer these two questions, the author have to make a promise to these young men to assure them that the bible indeed is practical and beneficial. This is the promise he made, the author said to them;

"This is my promise of what the bible will do for you; 'it will repay you abundantly more than the effort, and resources you may put in reading it. You could Hold me by my coat and drag me to the law court if ever this promise do not come true",but only after your reading the bible through". (by Author Sam)

The Author's Method Of Teaching

In order to convinced the young men, the author decided to tell them more, he said;

"I will tell you a little here and now, of what you stand to benefit by reading the bible". "I can tell you, pomp and clear", he continued; "that The bible contains examples of your fears, desires, needs and difficulties in life because all your problem have been experienced by people in bible times and are thus recorded in the bible for us today, and this book can help you solve your life problems". He said.

The author then appealed to their desires, to help them reason and to move them to action, to the point of them desiring to read the bible. This is what he says'

"Imagine yourself, living a life with no such fear and all your desires, needs and even your wants fully fulfilled, plus a clear hope for better time in the future just by reading the bible. Each time you pick it up and read, it benefit you more than the time, energy and resources you put in reading it, your joy becomes plenty, your hope abound, and your future looks more assured. Will you ever want to drop such a book till you read it A-z.?" He asked, " And that's my promise, of how beneficial the bible is". "And if this promise should fail". He continued; "hold me by my thigh and drag me to the Sanhedrin".

By now, the young men desires have been aroused, they imagined what the author mean by saying 'they should drag him to the 'Sanhedrin' of which they've never heard of before. So one of them asked; "Sanhedrin? What do you mean?"

In other to drive their attention to the bible, the Author said;

"You know, those guys there are extremely wicked and do not fear God at all. Do you wonder why i said that?" They said NO.

Then the Author continued; "OK, see what they did to this good man at Mark 15:1, there says:

"immediately at down, the chief priests with the elders and the scribes, indeed, the whole Sanhedrin, consulted together, and they bound Jesus and led him off and handed him to Pilate".

After reading the verse, he said; "You see, who will ever want to be drag to this people? Even me will not. So for me to tell you to drag me there, am sure that my promise of what this book, the bible will do for you will never fail, if actually you read it".

What is your answer?

Do you view as effective, the Author's method of answering the questions?

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The Practicality Of The Bible

In order to help these young men see the practicality of the bible to every day problems, this author decided to use some bible verses from the book of Psalms and convert it to a life readers experiences from around the world.

To do this, he takes some verses from Psalms 119, and assigned it an individual and a country of origin on the bible verse, as if a comment from the readers. This is what he said to the young men;

"Many have and are benefiting from reading this book, the bible from around the world, surely it is really very practical and it works. I was thinking it is too good to be true, maybe let me show you few comments among the many who have benefited from it, hear firsthand what they have said to appreciate the author of the bible, God". He then said;

"Read the bellow comments and see what they said about this book:

"i rejoice over your reminders more than all other valuable things"( thank you) Mr. Smith. U.s. A. (He then read Psalms 119 v 14)

"i will ponder over your orders and keep my eyes on your path". (keep on the good works). Mrs. Indiana Johns. India.( He reads Ps 119:15 )

"I am fond of your statutes" she is already fond of the book. She continues: "i will not forget your word" (you have saved my family from sliding into the mud). Mrs. Ying yang. China. (Ps 119:16)

" i have been sleepless from grief" ( ooh! So sorry). "strengthen me according to your word". (help me please). Ms. Adams. S. A.

"i cling to your reminders, o God, do not let me be disappointed". Samuel Ihegbu. Nigeria. (Ps 119:31)

The Most Important Book You Should Read
The Most Important Book You Should Read | Source

Difficulties That The Bible Can Help

Well, to be sure, the young men asked him to relate or mention specifically some life difficulties that the bible can help one with. And the following are what the Author said;

"Also, i know how difficult things are this days for everyone. That many families around the world have fallen apart because of some marital frictions, is that not a difficulty?" He asked.

"Also" He continued; "Many Young people are scared, scared of the future and what it holds for them, that's why many are schooling today, to be successful tomorrow".

"There are others, who are worried of life, and they some times prefer death to life, because happiness is so elusive from them. Why? bad economy".

"To others, they are worried because they've not seen that one to call their own, no husband/wife".

"Yet, to others, they are worried if ever the voice of a baby will be heard in their family, after years of being married".

"As if that is not enough, some few are killing themselves because they need female/male child".

"What about those who have all the wealth in this world, have the highest big houses, the flashy cars and even private jets? Yet They sleep and wake in fear and happiness so far away from them?"

Then the author reasons with them;

"Assuming you find a book that can help you resolve all these and many other problems, will you read it?" They all said Yes, we will!

Then the Author added;

"Experiences coming from around the world shows that, many people are consulting councilors in life issues, either in person, through a media, or by books. But often, they have been disappointed over and over again, instead of being convinced of a help, they are more confused after reading such books. What if you find a book that will really help you?

And that is why there is no book like the bible as am telling you about. It is the only book that supersede all the books you've ever read for council and advise. Trust me". He said.

What do you think?

Is the bible still practical today?

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The bible is the most practical book there is. It is scientifically accurate and historically reliable
The bible is the most practical book there is. It is scientifically accurate and historically reliable | Source

How To Enjoy Reading The Bible

Do you realized that you've started reading this unique book, the bible?

Why don't you make time for it, read the whole of psalms 119, and tell me if you will not receive seven times the benefits. Do this.

-find a quite place
turn off the TV and cell phones
- get a soft drink if any.
- cross your legs
-draw your bible close
-and read psalms 119:1 to end.

Ask yourself, 'how many times have i read the bible from cover to cover'?

The author, Jehovah, promised this:

"...i am Jehovah your God, the one teaching you to benefit yourself, the one guiding you in the way you should work, if only you will pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace will become just like a river and your righteousness like the wave of the see" (so plenty, even more than the seven times i promised you). Isai 48:17,18.

You can get reliable, workable and practical advise for our modern world, that can help you solve your problems in this book, the bible.

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