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Which is Mighty , 'The Pen or the Sword'?

Updated on September 19, 2014
The pen is mightier than the Sword
The pen is mightier than the Sword
A drop of rain from the summer cloud.
A drop of rain from the summer cloud.
It has power to make the simple into a gem
It has power to make the simple into a gem
It can unite two hearts.
It can unite two hearts.
It has power to mend.
It has power to mend.
It can dismiss a battle or win it.
It can dismiss a battle or win it.
 The Bible , sharper than any two edged sword.
The Bible , sharper than any two edged sword.

A Pen and its Impact:The swords when strike, the fire leaps; so does it when the pen begins to strike. What causes the difference is that, the fire leaping from the swords cannot blaze abroad, whereas the fire leaping out from pens, can burn a hole in the steel heart .

The Power of a Pen: For many a mighty stroke, have they caused down through history; when poets through their works have power to change a weary man's heart from sorrow to joy, while the sword can cause only painful strokes. Engraving words never to be forgotten, much less can the sword conceal; the engraved words of the pen doth lift a fallen man, giving him mirth and a leap in his step.

The Marvels of a Pen: Intriguingly, the marvels of a pen can be sketched in the life of a person tossed upon the billows of trials. A sister drooped with a heavy heart, paused to read Sir Edwin Arnold's lines from the poem, 'The story of a Pearl'. In forlorn hope, she sat up straight and read it through: the story of the rain drop falling forth from a summer cloud, considered itself to be insignificant, it was ashamed and uttered that it was a worthless thing. Plummeting down it fell into the lip of a sea-shell, until time passed by, and God our Lord had made it a gem for the diadem of the king of Persia.So up she stood tall and straight dancing on her toes in an Italian gait, she whispered 'Lord in stillness I'll wait', 'Until God in His time would work in me, a jewel for His crown' .

A Paragon of Virtues Is Seen: Thus Sir Edwin Arnold, through his pen of ages old, could etch hope on this sister's heart, a song on her lips, and a smile on her face. Likewise doth the pen of the jury make, at one stroke of his signature across the pages of verdict, can set the accused at liberty, or in fetters cast him into custody. It can unite a gentleman and a lady with a simple signature, or rip them apart with a willful signature on the papers of divorce. Weal or woe it can bring, with an ordinary scribble of yes or no on the scroll of a tradesman. Distance does not matter, it can repair or shatter two hearts, when its writings are laced with ardent love or edged with gall and wormwood all over. It can rock the boat of a seeker when it darts across the pages, thus saying rejected. It can dismiss a battle, or win it on the papers of negotiation.Thus to the pen can be attributed a paragon of virtues.

The Pen Sharper than any two Edged Sword: Forty different authors at varied sites, did pen God's words in unique styles, yet did neither error nor contradiction exist, in any phrase, line, or verse, they were altogether an infallible scroll. The writers ranged from prophets, priest, and kings, to simple fishermen, tax collector, Jesus' disciples and Doctor Luke.Thus they compiled the script into an extraordinary book, sharper than any two edged sword the 'Holy Bible'.

Ever and anon the pen can challenge the youth, or just ramble on sheets of a foolish brat. Inevitably a pen can thus speak volumes and can go on endlessly; but it has a cinch to win, if its records reach a whopping score and amazingly beat a century!

It can rock a  boat.
It can rock a boat.
It can speak volumes.
It can speak volumes.

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