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Whispered Warmth

Updated on January 2, 2010
An illustration by Arthur Boyd Houghton
An illustration by Arthur Boyd Houghton

Whispered Warmth.


Shhhh...lie still

let gravity

take its

ravenous course,

you will be

my dessert.


Let us both

Collide and scope
out the multicolored light
in patterns

on your skin

sundappled through

the tiffany, stained

glass window.


You will be

my rainbow

bent in an arch

over all the

tears I've shed.


Let my words

caress you
in dire places

long untouched

sharing a wealth of

whispered warmth

in heated breaths

against your

nibbable ears

and your

slender neck.


Let my ink

be a sweet
and tangy wine

that overflows
your thirsty heart

and fills it
with new dreams.


Let each line

rush freely

in a rapid transit
thru your

entire person....

sparking nerve endings

long abandoned

In the sub ways

of loneliness


Catch my train

of thoughts

and find re-berth

in my welcoming arms.


This poem is

bound for paradise

it's a black and white

ticket to a

splediforous place where

the castle is

always open

to the chambers

of my heart,
and the drawbridge

crosses a moat...

filled only with

liquid love.


The dragon is but a

kissy faced t

eddy bear...

and the king of

thin dwells there

in that thin-king place.


Be my minstrel

make me laugh

there is richness

in your eyes.


Be my page,

turn with me

to the soft rustles

of passion

being unleashed.


Be my queen

with my scepter

I will bless you

with the beauty of

thoughts penned.


Wear purple

and come anytime,

sup the sweet whines

of our kisses

suckled in sighs
and share the

music of my soul.




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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      You're quite a romantic.