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Whispering Death

Updated on November 6, 2013
Constellation of Stars
Constellation of Stars | Source

In the Poignant Gaze

Of Constellation of Stars

A veil of Hush Reigns

As the Gentle Breeze flows

In Desolate Woods Afar

To hear the silent steps

Of Whispering Death!

Moon gliding through Pine trees
Moon gliding through Pine trees | Source

The Moon Glides

Through the Pine Trees

Away from the Sombre Looks

Of a Lone Owl

Perched Somewhere in the Maze

Of Awakened Nights

To Surrender its Flight


To the Glorified Freedom

Of Whispering Death!

The lone Owl!
The lone Owl! | Source

The Hamlet is Asleep

And Doors are Shut

To the Realm of Eternal Darkness

Cascading down

From the Bosom

Of Unbound Sorrow

To Worship with tears

The Serene Footsteps

Of Whispering Death!

The Hamlet at Night
The Hamlet at Night | Source

The frantic forlorn Roads

Running Around Endlessly

Like Trapped Honeybees

In a Sea of Despair

And Unthawed Numbness

Looks for an Opening

In torn Chasms

With Fervent Plea

To the Divine Master

Offering a shower of Jasmines

From Beseeched Souls

In Lands of absolute Penury

To be lost Forever

In the Hallowed Presence

Of Whispering Death!

Frantic and Forlorn Roads
Frantic and Forlorn Roads | Source

The Golden Chariot

Of the Ultimate Emancipator

Has arrived now

The Chariot of God!
The Chariot of God! | Source

On the Wings

Of an array of Cherubs

The Cherubs
The Cherubs | Source

To the sound

Of a Thousand Ringing Bells

Heralding the Final Embrace

Of the Unembraced

With a Blessing

To the Unblessed

And Deliverance

To the Bonded Slaves

From the World’s Abode

To the Path

Of Enlightened Dreams

And Cascading Peace

Leading to the Colossal Gates

Of the only true Home

In Ethereal Heaven

Gates to HEAVEN!
Gates to HEAVEN! | Source

Guided all the way

By the Messenger

Of Whispering Death!


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