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Whispers in the Wind - A Poetry Anthology

Updated on May 21, 2017
Whispers in the Wind
Whispers in the Wind

Giving poets the chance to be published in print and among other talented poets is a great feeling. Having put together and published the first poetry anthology called Voices of the World - a poetry anthology I decided to do another anthology.

While I chose to have the first anthology contain poems on any topic the poets chose to write about, I wanted the second one to have a theme. Nature was the first thing that came to mind as I love nature so much, and write nature poetry myself on many occasions. And that is how Whispers in the Wind was born.

I feel that nature poems can be very captivating with lots of beautiful imagery that readers can vividly picture in their mind. It's like looking at a painting without actually having it in front of you. It lets people, with their unique imagination and visualization, bring the poetry to life in their mind, interpreting what is being described in their own unique way. Nature poems can also prove to be inspiring, refreshing, and can lift the spirits of people too...

Just like the Voices of the World poetry anthology, Whispers in the Wind also has poets from different countries around the world. In this poetry anthology, the poets showcase two nature poems a piece for the enjoyment of readers, sharing their experiences, visions, and connection to nature in their own unique way. With each poetic creation, they paint memorable images with their distinctive vision and creativity, in turn bringing to life enjoyable treats that will engage at least some of the five senses of readers, as well as make readers feel and perhaps be inspired and uplifted in the process.

For poetry lovers and those that enjoy nature this poetry anthology is a great addition to your poetry collection. Reading this book once you will surely want to pick up the book again for another read time and time again. I am proud to have put together and published this wonderful anthology, and to have shared two of my own nature poems in it as well.

Every time I read this anthology I feel my emotions soar, which to me is very important. I also am able to get lost in the words and picture in my mind what the poets bring to life with their words. My creativity soars, and I feel inspired, having a burning desire to write more nature poetry, and poetry in general.

For those interested in obtaining a copy of Whispers in the Wind, the poetry anthology is available in paperback format on, amazon, barnes & noble online, and in other online retailers. Happy reading!

Whispers in the Wind
Whispers in the Wind

A wonderful collection of nature poems penned by poets from around the world.



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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 4 weeks ago from Staten Island, NY

      You are welcome Cynthia. Thank you for sharing your poems in this anthology. I am thrilled that you loved the book. It was a joy to bring to life.

    • profile image

      Cynthia Pressley 4 weeks ago

      Thank you, Lena, for the opportunity to put my poems in your anthology. It's a blessing I thought I would never have.

      The poems in this book are so beautiful and we'll written. And they leave a picture of nature in my mind that I've never seen before.

      And, I am so blessed to know you and other friends in the group.

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