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Whispers of Goodbye... part 3

Updated on November 7, 2011

Across the waters, the sky began to darken. Thunder rumbled loudly as lightening bolts illuminated the skies from the high dark clouds all the way to the ground. The four of them watched as the waves began to assault the rocky shore, striking the wall and transforming into sea spray. The smell of salt was strong as Eve inhaled and held it inside for a moment. She wanted to feel Mikey in some way. She had to stay connected to Mikey, be sure she did not miss him, when he finally came back.

"Eve," Samuel said gently, "We need to get inside before this storm hits us."

She looked at Samuel and smiled. "It gets so cold near the water when it storms this way. I worry, Samuel. You go up to the beach-house. I will be along in just a few minutes."

Samuel kissed her and smiled. He remembered when he first met her. She was showing some of her paintings near the pier that he docked his father's boat. He recognized her from school. He had looked at her paintings, the ocean seemingly bursting to life on the canvas. He told her of his love for the sea and how her paintings made him feel like he was touching the sea. She did not laugh at this boy of sixteen, whose words sounded like sweet poetry to her ears. She did exactly what Samuel did that day. She fell totally In love with him as he was falling in love with her. They spent every day together from that time on, only apart when Samuel was at sea. Right out of high school, they married and eleven months later, they were blessed with Michael Samuel Braxton. She embraced motherhood as if she had done so forever. Mikey was her companion when Samuel was with clients. Love, the purest and most beautiful gift, were their's. He was certain nothing could ever take that away from them. But... something did steal it from them and he wanted nothing more in this world then to absorb her pain and give her back the smiles he fell in love with. As he turned to walk away, tears stung his eyes and he cried for the woman that was his soul-mate.

At the house, Linda retreated to the den and poured herself a shot of bourbon. She sat in the big Easy chair, and cried. Morgan walked past her and shook his head. She stared up at him.

"Did you ever think of stopping for a minute and touching me, Morgan? have you even thought that I might need your love?"

"Did you ever stop to love me for something other than my money, Linda? Only one of us was in love when we married and when Lauren was lost, your coldness took even that away." He left her there, her drink already half gone and joined Samuel in the family room.

"You came here for a reason, I assume, Morg. What is on your mind?"

"Sammy, I need to sell my part of the business. If you want it, we can come to some agreement. If not, then someone else might buy in to it. We have a fantastic business and the income is more than adequate. Finding a new partner would not be hard."

"Where is all of this coming from, Morg? I thought you were happy working with me?"

"Sammy, you are the best. I know I am an ass a lot of times and I don't know why you have tolerated me for so long. It is about Linda and I. We lost something huge when Lauren disappeared... something that we can not get back as long as the ocean s party of our lives."

"I'll buy you out, my friend. Leon has been working our third boat for a long time. We will go down to two charters and still have a good income. I will miss having you around."

"I will still do your books for you if you want. I won't be far away. Linda and Eve have a close relationship and I don't see that ending."

"Eve is still outside and the storm has started to get nasty. We can talk more when I get back in."

Sam walked through the pouring rain, shielding his eyes from the lightening. He reached the little boat house, near where he had left Eve. Calling out to her, he heard no response. He called her name, cupping his hands around his mouth to try and make his voice carry further. Still, there was only silence. Samuel felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. The door to the boat house slammed behind him. He ran towards the sound and saw a light flicker inside. He noticed immediately that one of the small boats were gone. His heart sank as he frantically called out to Eve. Tears filled his eyes as he searched the outside and went back inside. His eyes focused on a piece of paper, laying next to the work bench. Snatching it up, he unfolded it and read it. Although he was alone, he read it out loud.

"My loving Samuel, This I do because I love you. Though I never gave you reason to believe my story, you always stood by me and encouraged me. You and I have been lovers and best friends for I think, forever. I do not want you to suffer for my own sadness. You are beautiful inside and my hero, always. I will follow my heart and find the children and bring them home. I received a phone call telling me the children are alive. He said to meet him and so I will. I can not leave any stone un-turned, My Love. He calls to me Samuel. I hear Mikey calling for me and crying. Her whispers in my ear "Goodbye, Mommy" and I can not leave him alone any longer. I will come home to you. Please wait for me. Always I am your love and you are mine. Love, Eve."

Samuel ran to the house and read the note to Linda and Morgan. Linda sobbed and poured another drink. Morgan placed his hand on Samuel's shoulder. "Let's go find Eve, my good friend. Linda can stay here in case she comes home. In this storm, she will be lost if we do not find her soon."


The storm raged on as Eve tried to steady the boat. Part of her wished she had waited until the storm had died down. Another wave slammed into the small boat, nearly tipping it over. She grabbed the side of the boat and screamed. She had to go on or risk losing the children forever. The last wave hit her on her blind side, shoving the boat into the rocks. As the boat splintered in to pieces, Eve grabbed a rock and held on. She cried out in the night, praying that someone would hear her.

"I am coming for you, Mikey. Don't stop whispering Goodbye."


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      I hope so too. thank you for reading this, Becky.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I hope they get there in time. Eve and Sam need each other to make it through this. I can feel that.