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Whispers of Goodbye part 4

Updated on November 8, 2011

Samuel and Morgan raced to the boat docked near the beach. The storm was directly above them. Lightening exploded across the sky as deafening thunder shattered any chance of silence. Linda watched fronm the window of the house, tears streaming from her eyes. She hugged herself, praying aloud for God not to take away the only things left that meant anything to her. Morgan was not much in the way of a husband but she loved him still. She knew that his touch had grown cold and distant because of her. Somewhere in the midst of their marriage, Linda had shrunk away from him and all that was theirs except his checkbook. When lauren was lost, she felt as if the one thing that could hold Morgan's love was gone from her. Now, in the cold rain, she stood and wished she had kissed him before he left.


The rocks gnawed at her flesh as Eve clung to the coral. She cried out as her blood ran over the jagged edges, washed away quickly by the pouring rain. Trying to climb to a higher part of the coral, she felt herself slipping backwards. The coral was as slippery as ice and she could not get herself to stay on the top. Slowly, her body slid downward, touching the water before pulling her legs up to her chest. A sharp edge cut in to her side, leaving an opening that gushed with blood. The salt water stung as it washed over her open skin. The palms of her hands were sliced open and she had trouble keeping herself from simply letting go. Eve stood for a moment, thinking she might get further if she tried to walk. Her feet slipped out from under her and she fell on the coral beneath her. As her head hit the coral, Eve felt herself becoming weak and dizzy. She could no longer hold on to the edges and felt herself slipped back towards the sea.

"Oh Eve," she said, though there was no one near to hear her, "You really did it this time and Samuel isn't here to save you this time." She cried as more of her body slipped in to the water. "I am so sorry, baby Mikey and Lauren. Please forgive my weakness and for not finding you. If your fathers ever find you, tell them how I tried. I do love you and will forever. Samuel, I hope you know that you have always been my love and my strength. I will wait for you until we are together again." And then, she simply vanished beneath the waves.


The boat rocked from side to side as the waves hit the hull. Morgan struggled to be it top-side, using all of his experience to not allow it to flip. He watched as the waves rose higher than the boat itself and then dropped instantly. The boat sat for a moment, suspended above the sea before free-falling back into the clutches of the sea. Samuel held tight to the spotlight, illuminating the water if front of the boat for Morgan. Never in all of his sea-faring years had he felt ill on the water but this storm was like nothing he had ever been in.

"We should turn back, Sammy!!!! I don't know if I can keep us from flipping over and sinking!!!" Morgan had to yell to be heard above the sounds of the raging sea and the ear shattering sounds of the thunder above them.

"No-o-o-o-o-o, Morg... Please don't turn back yet! There is a small inlet not far from here. I am hoping that Eve found it and took refuge there! I promise if she is not there, we will either dock there until this storm passes or turn back and go home! I am begging you to keep going!!!!"

Morgan did not answer. He simply gripped the wheel tighter and battled the waves as best as he could. His thoughts drifted back and forth from trying to use all of his skills to keep them alive to Linda. He wished he had told her he loved her. He wished he had kissed her and held her one last time. Although she had drifted away from him after Lauren was gone, he loved her with his whole heart. He would have given most anything to know that she loved him the way he had loved her. He swore to himself that if they somehow survived this storm, he would take her in his arms and show her how much he truly loved her. He would bring back the In love to their marriage and never let her feel unloved again. He just needed one chance to do that. The rain splashing against his face was not the only source of wet in his eyes.

"We are coming to the inlet, Morg!!!! Back it off a bit or wer will be smashed against the coral reef. If she got this far before the storm hit hard, she should have been able to dock and take shelter in the little shed. We can pull to right and beach the boat!"

"There is no dock, Samuel!"

"No, only a pier that comes out from the beach!"

"That's what I am trying to tell you! There is no pier. It is gone!"

Samuel shined the spotlight towards the shore. He moved it up and down the sand. Morgan had been right. There was no pier where it should have been. He shined the light in to the water around them. Pieces of wood knocked against the boat.

"She must have broken up after Eve got here. Let's dock and have a look. Once we get past the coral reef, we should be o.k."

The boat slipped next to the coral reef. Morgan saw it first. He reached over the side and plucked the piece of wood from the water. Samuel came to him to see what he had found. As Samuel grabbed it from Morgan's hand and stared at the wood. There was no mistaking the name on the wood. The red stain on the white words stood out like a sore thumb. Blood looks like nothing else when wet with sea salt.

Morgan placed his hand on Samuel's shoulder. "I am so very sorry, Sammy. I tried to do my best to get us here fast. We will search the water as soon as things calm down here a bit."

Morg saw the look in Samuel's eyes. He was livid with the horror that he might have lost his true love. He grabbed the search light from Morgan. "No, we will not search later!!! I am going to find her now!!" As quick as a flash, Samuel tossed himself over board, into the sea, in search of his love. Morgan could do nothing else but watch.


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      once again, thank you for reading this, Becky. I think you might be in for a huge surprise. I feel a "twist" and Oh My God coming. ;)

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I am glad that Morgan and Linda are seeing that they really love each other. I really hope Sam finds her before it is too late.