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Whispers of Goodbye part 7

Updated on November 13, 2011

As they sat on the cold rock, Eve pulled Mikey closer to her to try and warm him. Samuel watched as she cuddled him closer, wishing he could get them out of the caves. He looked over at Morgan, holding Lauren as if he were afraid she might suddenly disappear. He had not seen Morgan in this state, ever. He could hear Morgan whispering to Lauren.

"I promise you, baby girl, when we get out of here, daddy is going to be around a lot. Mommy and me will make up for all the years we have lost with you." Tears ran from his eyes, staining the floor beside him with wetness.

"I didn't think you were ever coming back, Daddy. I only saw Eve out at the beach but I never saw you or mommy." She began to cry harder. "I thought you forgot me, Daddy, I thought you forgot me! Why didn't you look for me?"

Morgan's emotions were taking over and he had a hard time answering Lauren. Eve stood up and went over to them. She put her arms around Lauren and Morgan. This was a side she had never experienced with Morgan. She had thought him emotionless for all the years she had known him. But now, she saw his heart being ripped from his chest. She wanted to somehow help him.

"Honey, your Daddy never ever gave up on you. He never stopped watching and searching the waters when he was out to sea. His heart was sad and he and your mommy wished every single day that they would find you. Your daddy is even giving up the ocean because it hurt him so badly to not find you."

Lauren turned and looked up at her father. "Is that true, Daddy? Are you leaving the ocean? You love the ocean and so do I. Please don't stop because of me. We can go out together now." She hugged Morgan tight and he gave Eve a look that said thank you in ways he wasn't capable of doing. She understood and smiled at him before returning to Samuel and Mikey. Samuel hugged her and kissed her.

"That was sweet of you."

"That was the right thing to do, Love."

"Eve, Morg... we have to start thinking here. We need to get out of here somehow."

"Samuel, the kids said that if they leave the water, they will die. Something inside the breathing apparatus that causes their bodies to crash if they are out of water to long."

"Has anyone ever tested their words? Have you kids seen anyone that tried and didn't make it?

A voice from behind them spoke out. It was another child, a little older than Mikey and Lauren. "My baby sister did. She tried to escape and made it to the beach. We saw her on the camera's they have here. She never came back and the men told me she died from being out of the water. they told us all that we would die too if we ever tried to go on land."

Samuel looked at the boy before speaking. He wanted to be very careful with his words. "What was your sisters name?"

"Kimmie, sir."

"Kimmie what?"

"Kimmie Larson was her name. I am Bobby Larson."

"Morg, do you remember the story that was going around the piers for a while? Maybe a year ago, some of the men were talking about finding a little girl on the beach abiut five miles from here?"

"Yea, the Larson's were sea-farers for a long time. Both their kids came up missing but the girl was found. they took her and moved away almost immediately. But the men talked and said she had something inside of her that made her sick."

"Yes, yes, but the family found a way to remove whatever it was and she lived. It has got to be the same girl! They said the thing inside her shorted out because of an electrical storm or she would have died right away."

"That was my sister! My sister is alive with my mom and dad and..." Bobby's voice trailed off to a whisper. He hung his head as he spoke. "They moved away from here instead of waiting for me. Why didn't they wait for me?" He tried to not let tears flow, but they did. Huge, crocodile tears, some called them, splattering against the floor like tiny bombs. "I guess they were just scared and took Kimmie as far away as they could."

Eve hugged him. "Yes, Bobby, I won't lie to you. I am sure they were very scared that who-ever took your sister might come back for her. If they knew you were still here, they would have stayed to find you."

"Kimmie would have told them I was still here. They didn't even come looking." Bobby walked back down one of the tunnels and disappeared.

"We can get these kids out of here, Sammy. We have to be somewhere under the picnic area. There are beams in th ceiling of some of the tunnels. We just need to find the tunnel with the access door and get them out of here."

"How do we get past the goons guarding the way out?"

"Create a diversion. Have the kids run and scream and while they are chasing the kids, we will find a way out."

"Mikey, can you get the kids to do that for us? We need you here. I promise we will not leave you here."

"I can do it, Dad. When you here all the kids screaming, you know it's OK."

"I'll go with him, Samuel. You go and get us out of here."

"I wish there was time to debate this, Morg..."

"There isn't so go. You and Eve find us when you have the opening. We won't be far behind you."

Within a minute, the tunnels were filled with the ear-piercing screams of children. The echo's were so loud the walls shook and rocks broke loose. Samuel and Eve ran through the tunnels, staring at the ceilings of every passage. "There," Eve said, pointing a ladder poking down from the ceiling. "That has to be it!"

Samuel ran to it and pulled hard. The ladder slid down the wall, sending sparks flying from where it hit. He climbed the ladder and turned the wheel on the hatch. Spinning it as fast as he could, he heard the latch pop on the outside. His heart raced as he shoved it open, surprised to not find any guards outside. The night was black as coal and he strained his eyes to get his bearing. Morg was right. They were at the picnic area about a mile from where they had docked the boat.

"Call to them Eve... call to Mikey and Lauren. We need to get them out of here fast."

The kids responded quickly to Eve's calls. One after another, kids were shoved up the ladder and outside. "Run when you get up there! Run towards the top of the beach and wait there for us. Don't get lost in the darkness. Stay together until we get there!"

The kids did exactly as Samuel told them. Twenty kids passed through the hole in the ceiling, kids of all shapes and sizes and ages. Some of them, Eve guessed to be in their late teens. As Lauren and Mikey passed through the hole, they called to Morgan. A shot rang out from somewhere inside the caverns. Samuel went down the ladder and could see Morgan leaning against the wall.

"Go, Samuel, get Lauren to her mother!"

"No, I am not leaving you here."

"Damn you, Sammy, if you don't get my Lauren back to her mother, I will haunt you the rest of your life. Get out of here, now!!!!!"

Samuel looked at Morg once last time. "I'll come back for you when the kids are safe, Morg. I swear to you, I will come back for you!"

Tears stinging his eyes, Samuel struggled to see the opening of the hatch. Once outside, he ran to the boat as fast as he could, twenty kids right behind him.

"May-day, May-day, Samuel's Eve calling for the coast guard and police. We have twenty kids, kidnapped kids here with us. I repeat, we have twenty kids that have been missing, with us. Send everything you have and hurry! We need medical help in a hurry or these kids will die."

The storm above them raged on as it had been doing when they left the boat. Lightening struck all around them and Eve and Samuel tried to keep the kids safe, while they waited for help to arrive.

"Sammy, where is my daddy? Is he coming!?!?!?"

Samuel just stared in to the eyes of this little scared girl, unable to speak to her at all.


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      You are always so very good to comment. I thank you for that, Becky. I too hope he fares well. I guess we will both know in the morning.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I was wondering if you were sick. I am glad to see this part of the story. It will be interesting if the lightening storm that is going on shorts out all of the kids implants. I hope Morgan is all right.