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White Dreams

Updated on December 4, 2014

I got jeans with torn knees
White dreams
Knuckles bleeding gloves worn through
A good time in the afternoon
Halfway done and just a beginning
Board in line I need a lift musics' blasting
Don't talk to me cause I can't hear what your saying
Here I go don't know
What's going to happen
Just gotta go just gotta flow
Realizing my design
Getting lost in time
Losing myself in the snow and my line
You can blow your lines
Bloodshot eyes no sleeping
Good luck with that
I'm flying down a mountain side wide awake and dreaming
No money hand made ties or suits
That roads behind me with the stop sign I blew through
Your reality is spinning out of control
A life where you don't know your role
Peaking through a keyhole
Trying to steal
A glimpse
Of the nothing you make real
Peddling your wares
Peddling your fears
Peddling what's necessary to get you here
As I continue to smile
Mile after mile after elevated miles
Under my board
Laughing through your storm you can't see
High fiving trees
Spraying my dreams on the downhill
A frozen smile because of how good it feels
It's what makes life new
It's what makes life true
Breathing in life
And exhaling you
Ice under you the sharp edge brings you closer
Dig in and cut it
Beginning to trust it
I got jeans with torn knees
White dreams
Knuckles bleeding
Gloves worn through from playing with the mountain
A good time in the afternoon


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