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?Who Am I?

Updated on January 8, 2017

Do you sometimes feel like you"re from a dfferent planet? Do you feel like you almost live in dual realms? Like you know so much about forces that control our world, which others dont even seem to fathom, and that you're out of touch with all the irrelevant, materialistic instant gratification that everyone else seems to live for? Do you wonder how this happened, what you have become- or WHO you even ARE? …….. I know that I DO!


(Who am I?.... Entheos)

Too raw to be soft

Too straight to be hard

Too lowly to be lofty

Too Heavenly not to be a star

Too edgy to be righteous

Too forgiven to be accountable

Too cursed to be successful

Too Bless-ed to be sympathized

Too creative to be intelligent

Too wise to be wrong

Too lucky to be ugly

Too normal to be noticed

Too humble to be haughty

Too confident to crumble

Too conservative to act too naughty

Too liberal to be too rational

Too fashionable to be so Midwest

Too Obsessed to be so damn restrained

Too pre-destined not to be the best

*“Who am I?!”

Entheos! I am "God within"-Defining faith, defying sin

"Remember me!”

I am Hoi Eudaimwn. Yes, I am "The Bless-ed One"

I was born to win- So I died to sin

I've suffered the inferno

(.....BUT I'M BACK AGAIN!!!)

Too eccentric to be boring

Too stable to be outstanding

Too young to be droopy

Too old to not be creepy

Too polite to be a dick

Too rude to be a good dude

Too naive to be bitter

Too street-smart to not know better

Too fly to be a white guy

Too Caucasian to be havin’ game

Too complex to be a simple man

Too simple minded to fathom fame

Too everything to everyone

Too irrelevent to make that claim

Too cultured to be a country fella

Too homely- now- to be "el hombre"

Too inspired not to be "en fuego"

Too Entheos- not to live "mi nombre"

Too sinful to act righteously

Too stuffy for the other crowd

Too respected to be quieted

Too insecure to be too loud

Too boastful to be humble

Too quiet to be arrogant

Too desperate to be lovable

Too popular to settle

Too horny to be so lonely

Too picky for reality

Too apathetic to today

Too empassioned to Eternity

Too much drive for disability

Too much ability to be so broke

Too broken to be fixable

Too talented to bear this yolk

*“Who am I?!”

Entheos! I am "God within"-Defining faith, defying sin

"Remember me!”

I am Hoi Eudaimwn. Yes, I am "The Bless-ed One"

I was born to win- So I died to sin

I've suffered the inferno

(.....BUT I'M BACK AGAIN!!!)

Too much passion to be passive

Too inspired not to be possessed

Too powerful to be trifled with

Too threatening not to be oppressed

Too immortal to ever die

Too human not to bleed

Too fearless to truly fail

Too anxious truly to succeed

Too obsessive to be compulsive

Too impressive to be repulsive

Too stable to be bipolar

Too damaged to be reliable

Too Born Again to die again

Too forgiven not to live again

Too engraven to be forgotten

Too loved to be forsaken

Too enlightened to NOT believe

Too "God Within" to NOT achieve

(Who am I?.... Entheos)


Isaiah 49:16

16 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
your walls are ever before me.


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