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Who Assumes Responsibility? (War)

Updated on April 23, 2013

Armed to the teeth, but not in the head
Soon the ground will be covered with dead

Shooting and fighting, explosions galore
Wounded fall to the ground, see the blood pour

Technology making the casualties increase
It seems that our warlike nature won’t cease

Skirmishes and battles, the war has no end
Doctors perform triage, some wounded they mend

Confidence slipping away from the troops every hour
Brute force and ammunition, the measure of power

Each side has their losses but keep fighting on
The reason for war is all a big con

Economy the reason, false causes the shield
Covered up by the blood of the dead on the field

Stone cold, committed, their expression soon thaws
Enlisted, now dying for another man’s cause

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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