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Who Killed Tyler? (Part One)

Updated on November 2, 2014

Author's Note

I'm a little late with this. This was supposed to be for Halloween. Even though Halloween has now come and gone, I'm still going to run with this storyline.


Part One

We had the perfect prank. I had come up with it, but my boyfriend, Tyler, added to it. His best friend, Chris, was also in on it by making certain Tyler’s younger brother was in the right place and at the right time. The stage was set. We got the blood stained shower curtain, rug, bath towels, and smeared fake blood all around the guest bathroom. I even knew what I was going to say. It was going to be perfect and Andrew, Tyler’s younger brother, would be in for a scare of his life.

Tyler and Andrew’s parents had finally left for the weekend. They were trusting all of us to hold down the fort until they came back. It was Tyler’s sister’s fiancé’s family cabin in the mountains. Tyler’s sister, Cami, and her fiancé, Derrick, had invited a few other their friends – Jake, Alissa, and Alissa’s sister, Chloe. We all had meet previously so there was no awkward introductions. Andrew had invited his best friend since childhood, Devon, and Chris had invited his girlfriend, Maggie. It was a full house, but Derrick’s family was filthy rich so the cabin seemed more like a wooden mansion.

Derrick’s parents and sisters were coming up to spend the week after the weekend. In two weeks, Cami and Derrick were getting married outside by the lake in their own over the top wedding. The reception was being held in the cabin. The cabin was actually an old campground so there were plenty of cabins for guests to bunk in around the lake.

I heard Tyler chuckle as he rubbed his crimson-stained hands against the material of his shirt. I looked up and smirked at his appearance. His shirt was doused with fake blood and sliced up to look like a knife made them. I had helped him smear it all over his shirtless torso beforehand in the shower. I eyed that said shower to look over my handiwork. Swirls of fake blood all over it. I had promised Derrick to bleach and clean it when this was all over. We had got the others to stay downstairs. The only people that didn’t know that this was a prank was Andrew and Devon.

I looked over myself. I had bought a new shirt specifically to ruin with fake blood. Fake blood stains and spatters were all over my shirt as well and pants. A ringtone pierced through the air and I glanced over at Tyler. He grinned as he showed me the screen of his cellphone.

“It’s time.”

I nodded. “You ready?”


He got down on the floor and laid down. I looked over his prone body sprawled out lifelessly as he remained eerily still. He’s good, I thought to myself, shaking my head. He’s real good at playing dead. With that, I looked at the blood spattered mirror and took deep breaths. I looked over my boyfriend’s body and pretended that this was real. My heart began to pound as I continued to stare at him then I let it all out. I grabbed the fake bloody butcher knife next to the sink and shoved it in my back pocket of my jeans as I screamed.

I rushed out of the bathroom and headed down the hallway. Down the hall, the door swung open and out came Andrew and Devon. They stumbled out with Chris trailing after them. I didn’t miss the smirk on his face. He lifted both Andrew and Devon’s cellphones to reveal that he indeed nabbed it.

“Oh my god!” I screamed out. “Oh my god! He’s dead!”

“What?!” Andrew cried.

I started crying hysterically. “So, so much blood! He has to be! Andrew, I think he’s dead!”


“Ty-Tyler!” I gasped. “He’s in the bathroom!”

Chris winked at me and headed down the hallway. Wide-eyed and startled, Andrew took off after Chris with Devon behind him. I waited a moment, watching them all rush towards the bathroom. The moment I heard shouting from the guys, I headed back down the hallway. I took out the fake butcher knife from the back pocket of my jeans. I kept that hand behind me as I walked over to the open doorway of the bathroom.

The guys in the bathroom were all freaking out. I was surprised at how convincing Chris was at acting. Andrew looked over at me as did Devon.

“Wha-What are we going to do?” Andrew cried out.

“Call the cops!”

I watched Devon reach into his pocket as he groped around for his cellphone. Chris put out his hand as Devon was ready to rush back to the bedroom. He reached into his pocket to grab his own cellphone. I slowly revealed the butcher knife. They had yet to fully notice me.

“So, so much blood,” I called out to them, causing them to freeze when they saw the bloody knife in my hands. I titled my head to the side and smirked. “I didn’t think he’d bleed so much.”

With that, I launched myself at them. Andrew cried out and Devon flopped backwards into a laughing Chris. I started laughing too when Andrew and I tumbled to the ground. Andrew still was trying to curl himself into a protective ball with his arms shielding himself. Chris and I were too far gone in our laughter to keep up the façade.

“Did you pee your pants?”

Cami’s voice caused me to look over at her. She was leaning against Derrick, who had an arm around her. Derrick was outright laughing at the scene and Cami was pointing at her younger brother. I glanced down at a red-faced Andrew as he looked down at the wet trail on his pants. He put his hands on the spot, trying to cover it. It only caused another round of laughter to happen.

“Sh-Shut up!” Andrew sputtered as he stumbled to his feet. He looked down at himself and groaned.

Derrick chuckled, glancing around the bathroom. “You two are so cleaning all this up! My parents will have a heart attack if they see this!”

I shrugged. “It was well worth it.”

“It’s not that funny!” Andrew gasped as he tried to make it past the crowd in the hallway.

“Uh, guys,” Chris called out in a soft voice.

I frowned, looking over at Chris. He was kneeled over a still sprawled out Tyler. There was tension and concern on his face as his hand slowly tried to shake Tyler’s shoulder, but he didn’t make any movement outside of the shaking.

“Tyler?” My own voice sounded weak as I crawled over to Tyler and Chris. I placed a hand on his back, but he still didn’t move. I fully expect him to flip around and scare the living daylights out of us, but he just remained still. “Tyler, this isn’t funny.”

Chris reached down. Two fingers pressed against Tyler’s neck. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth dropped open. He quickly tore away from Tyler and scooted backwards as much as he could. He was shaking uncontrollably as he stared down at his best friend. He shook his head as he mumbled under his breath.

“Chris?” Derrick questioned.

I pushed over Tyler’s body and I fell backwards. His eyes stared back into my eyes. The lights in them had gone out of them. There was no warmth. There was nothing. They were just completely lifeless. I burst into tears.

“He’s dead.”


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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Can't wait for the next part!

    • writinglover profile image


      4 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      I was waiting for this, woman! LOL! I love me a murder mystery! Voted it up!


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