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Who You Can Trust!

Updated on February 10, 2017

I have nothing to hide I tell no lies my life is an open book for only worthy individuals to read, individuals that will not want me to beg them or bow down in front of them on my knees.

In life, things go certain ways, as you go through a life of test to stay strong on your pathway.

And you must really know and understand, the individuals to trust that has a true heart helping hand.

Trust those who help you with a heart full of care,trust the ones who would not broadcast your needs all over the place.

Trust the ones that show a genuine care for and from the heart, and know the words of truth from the mouth when they speak to you in part.

Always know the individuals that will help you all the way, the ones that make sure you are okay and not individuals that for you and your well-being they just don't care.

In life, you will meet good and bad and it is for you to decide,to stick to the positive way and do not loose your truthful guide.

Don't ever hold on to anger forgive forget and move on, learn to understand the reason why you are still on your pathway walking so long.

Life is a lesson it is for you to gain great strength, to help individuals on the way and for you to get truthful help.

You will get help from individuals that have a caring loving heart.

The ones that understand your true standing the ones that always hold you precious in heart.


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