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Who is Abecedarian?

Updated on May 11, 2015

How did Abecedarian come to be?

Well, around 2008 when the country started to decline, there was so much malicious blame going around from both sides of the political spectrum. After a couple of years, I'd had enough. I came across this gem of a Hubpage that gave me a place to put the truth.

So many viral emails that tell a skewed view depending on the party, the candidate, the event, etc. But with speaking the truth, you always have those that don't like or can't handle the truth. Never having done anything like this before, Abecedarian is whom I became.

Southeast Bexar County was having problems with the Emergency Service District #6 and found what appeared to be much lack of transparency in what was going on in their community and much to discover.

Someone seeking the truth.

Why the secrecy?

Since I began this hubpage I have been attacked from people in the Southeast Bexar County area for posting facts about issues pertaining to the political wranglings of the area, so because of the behavior of Former ESD6 members and current Southside ISD board members Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez, Mr. Cannon and their supporters my hubs no longer have comment sections as they are using them to viciously attack other members of their own community without the facts to back them.

I will not allow my hub to be used as a bashing podium, but a place to get answers that aren't forth coming.

I'm pretty fact based, don't care for the manipulation of the truth.

Grasping at straws

Craig Knapp
Craig Knapp
Loren Brewer
Loren Brewer
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn

The Guessing Game

Since I began this hubpage, members of the Southeast Bexar County community have been accused on social media, some have been questioned as well as to the possibility of any one of them being "Abecedarian",

Most recently, Ms. Salazar, former board president of Southside ISD, supporters of the candidates that are running against the "team" and Mr. Knapp, also a former board member for Southside ISD.

What people believe to be a nugget of gold in a pan of dirt was a website that gathers information to sell to owners. It allows users to "collaborate" it's content or build new ones where none exist.

According to Zoom Info : Zoom Information Inc. was founded by Jonathan Stern in 2000 as Eliyon Technologies. The company’s investors include Venrock Associates and Skeetnut Capital.[1]

The site powers people searches for Amazon’s and Business Week. ZoomInfo also allows users to collaborate in the construction of its content by contributing information to their own profiles or building new ones where none exists.

Going to the website, I found that Mr. Knapp was linked to Abecedarian and the Express News, also linked were over 20 articles with Mr. Knapp's name mentioned in both venues. It also shows him as a member of the Southside ISD "team".

While there, I found several other gems. According to the same website they tried to use as proof to crucify a member of their community and former board member, it stated that Ms. Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn is affiliated with Hubpages Inc, also works for Southside ISD. Loren Brewer is listed as a team member at HubPages Inc, an Absentee Board Member. Alma Rosa Guzman was also listed as a Board Member at HubPages Inc. Mr. Cannon was listed as being a Counselor at Floresville ISD. All this proving that the "team" was simply grasping at straws and looking to attack Mr. Knapp with incorrect information that lacked any truth or fact.

Discredited, by whom

Supporters of the Southside ISD current board team believe that they have discredited my articles simply because I remain anonymous. Not knowing who writes something, doesn't make it not true. If it opens the mind and others look into the facts to check them out, then this Hubpage has been successful.

It has made people aware, to look to the truth and verify it. Think for yourself and make your own decisions.

Who I am does not matter, but I can say this, I am not anyone that is being called out. I'm sorry to disappoint those playing the guessing game, but I am not Ms. Salazar nor Mr. Knapp.

Julian Gonzales, retired service member.
Julian Gonzales, retired service member.
Doctored letter.
Doctored letter.

Some Food For Thought

Social media has gathered momentum at Southside ISD, with election day on Saturday, May 9, 2015, there have been accusations against candidate, Julian Gonzales to the point of accusing him of "Stolen Valor". Shameful behavior, but food for thought. This candidate, proved to the naysayers that he indeed serve his country. Mr. Brewer, Southside ISD president and former member of the ESD6 board, used the military as reason for being absent from almost every meeting while sitting on the ESD6 board. The meetings read, as follows:

2. Establish a quorum:
A quorum was established Board members in attendance were Sylvia Mendelsohn, Luisa Vargas, and John Wood. Norbert Chavez was absent and Loren Brewer was absent due to being active duty military.

When asked for proof of active duty, the ESD6 board removed the explanation from further board minutes.

Others are trying hard to post items that shine a positive light on the "team", one article seemed very questionable. The 2015 Reading Preliminary Test Scores. The information was put out on paper with district insignia, not "letterhead". This was not a formal document submitted to the district, but one that was written by someone. Why not post the actual scores the district received?

Do you find Abecedarian to be fact based?

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