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Who is John Grisham, and what are his books in chronological order ?

Updated on January 14, 2012
John Grisham- Novelist
John Grisham- Novelist | Source

He was born to a cotton farmer on February the 8th, 1955. His parents lived and brought him up in Arkansas in Jonesboro. Just like most of us, Grisham had a childhood dream- his was to be a big time baseball player-and yes, just like most of us, his childhood dreams never saw the light of day. (But in a twist of fate, he still lives that dream in a couple of his books when he creates characters in some of books like “the innocent man” and “The painted house” that love and excel in the game.)

John Grisham is an old boy of Mississippi state university and as you would have guessed, he graduated with a degree in law. That was in 1981. The same year, he married Renee and they were blessed with two children whom they named Ty and Shea. Grisham was an attorney for a record ten years and his specialty was criminal and civil law. This must have been the foundation for his literary works.

Grisham’s first novel, a time to kill, took him three years to write. (So be encouraged, your manuscript could be taking some time to complete but who knows what could emerge three years down the line?). The book was published in 1989. Following the success of his first book, John got a job as a publisher of a magazine in 1994. The magazine was called "The Oxford American." When he took the job, the magazine was almost collapsing and was struggling financially but Grisham managed to resuscitate it. His second book to write, which ironically was also my second of Grisham novels to read, (my first was the client) got attention of movie producers. Paramount managed to buy movie rights from him and that was the time John Grisham quit his other professional commitments and became a full time author.

So how does he write such thrilling novels? For starters, he says that that he builds fiction on top of facts. Of course we all have our different tastes and not all of us might find John Gresham’s books worth the read but still, Grisham has a huge fan base with his books being translated into at least twenty nine different languages and there are more than two hundred and forty five million Grisham books in print worldwide. With at-least eleven of his books turned into movies, it was only expected that he would venture out into screenplay writing- and he did that in 2004 when he wrote Mickey. He also served as producer in the film.

Even though most of his books are fiction, Grisham actually wrote a novel based on a true story. The novel is titled the “The innocent man” My bookmark is still on page 56 so I won’t say much about the book except that it was hard to put it aside to type this.

Below is a list of some of his works in chronological order from date of publication

John Grisham's Novels In Chronological Order

  1. A Time to Kill (1989)
  2. The Firm (1991)
  3. The Pelican Brief (1992)
  4. The Client (1993)
  5. The Chamber (1994)
  6. The Rainmaker (1995)
  7. The Runaway Jury (1996)
  8. The Partner (1997)
  9. The Street Lawyer (1998)
  10. The Testament (1999)
  11. The Brethren (2000)
  12. A Painted House (2001)
  13. Skipping Christmas (2001)
  14. The Summons (2002)
  15. The King of Torts (2003)
  16. Bleachers (2003)
  17. The Last Juror (2004)
  18. The Broker (2005)
  19. The Innocent man (2006)
  20. Playing for Pizza (2007)
  21. The Appeal (2008)
  22. The Associate (2009)
  23. Ford County (2009)
  24. The Confession
  25. Theodoere Boone
  26. The Litigators


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    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 5 years ago from Kenya

      @ DLPreacher, am glad to meet with another JG fan...And just like me, he made me have an affinity to legal drama and that has influenced my movie selection too :D...and you ask a very important question...I will definitely do some research on it coz i would love to know too

    • DLPreacher profile image

      DLPreacher 5 years ago

      Grisham is one of my favorite authors. I have read many of his books over the years... Back in the early 1990's I read "A Time To Kill" and I was hooked ever since. Later, I joined an online book club and started reading other authors too... However, I was always looking for that next Grisham novel! In my opinion, Grisham is a great storyteller and it is of no great surprise that he can write stories with various themes. Grisham definitely piqued my budding interest in courtroom drama. In addition to reading many of his law-themed stories, I also read "Skipping Christmas," "Playing For Pizza," and "A Painted House" and loved them all!

      Question: What author holds the record for having the most novels made into movies?

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 5 years ago from Kenya

      @sirfrank69, thanks a bunch for your comments and encouragement. I appreciate

    • profile image

      sirfrank69 5 years ago

      Thanks for your hub i landed on it by concidence when searching some articles of interest.I have noted you are doing good work PLEASE KEEP UP.It was good for me to note the works of great man John Grishams i will look for some books and read too.May God bless and you work in Jesus name Amen.

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      @ Cristina327, thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback. Have a great day too!

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 6 years ago from Manila

      Nice hub voted up and interesting. Thank you for sharing this here on Hubpages. I wish you a great day today. Best Regards.

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      Rehana Stormme, Great to meet one more of the millions of Grishams Fans. Am following you:-) And thanks for your comments too

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      Grea hub! I'm reading A Time to Kill right now! I've read The Client, The Firm and The Rainmaker. I'm a John Grisham fan too ^-^

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      Hi Kaydenlee, Thanx for reading and thanks for your comment

    • kaydenlee profile image

      kaydenlee 6 years ago from

      Nicely written.

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      Home Girl, I liked the Firm too and The Client but then the client was too long. Advice noted. Thanks for leaving your comment

    • profile image

      Home Girl 6 years ago

      I really liked 'The Firm' but not the movie. I've got curious and read a lot of his novels. I hated 'The Chamber', I found it depressing. The last I was trying to read 'Playing for Pizza' I found boring and dropped in the middle, may be because I don't like watching or reading about sports! I liked 'The King of Torts' though. I think you should dig a little bit deeper, you could really add some personal touch to otherwise well known facts.