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Who's ending

Updated on November 9, 2015

Think of it.

i often surmise

if my life would surprise

would I pay my dues

could they walk in my shoes.

did I harm those i love,and hurt those i don't

will it happen again,maybe it will,maybe it won't.

trusting,loving,faithful and loyal

feelings on high,almost royal.


I often wonder, if you can forget
The harm I caused, its hard I bet.
I led you astray, and joined in the fun
I didn't realise you would never again see the sun.
I live the horror, each and every day
I wish for forgiveness, and just one more day.
If I could take back time, and change the past
Id make your last 24 hours a total blast.
We would joke , have fun, live for the day
I wish this for us each and every day.

will it ever com,do I pray to hard

not time to cry,emotions are barred

watch everyone and the world go by

how have they got it so good,I let out a sigh

maybe time will tell,if I can cheer myself up

after all,life's a big tea cup.

sometimes my words start off at one way

never meaning offence,this I must say.

losing someone or hurting another

can apply to pets to,as well as my mother.

not always roses,laughs or happy times

life isn't always perfect,doesn't always rhyme.


Loyal and trusting.

here's my dog,14 years of my life

lost him recently,cuts like a knife.

sad each day ,I miss him so much

i wish I could walk him,we long for his touch.

he was the size of my hand,he grew to be a big boy

used to carry him about,like my favourite toy.

he watched my every move,did everything to please

when he departed,I felt my life just freeze.

Loved his comforts.


Friend for life.

Oscar came in to Jakes life when he was around three years old.they used to play fight and it was hilarious.when the dog got bored of the cats frantic attempts to win the fight,Jake just slapped one of his paws on the cats belly and the fight was over.amazingly funny.and the cat never got hurt in the process which was good.

Face of an angel.


Next Chapter

What next,I'm sceptical of getting another will take time as I would feel I was trying to replace my best dog just wouldn't feel right.time will tell.

Big Boy

jake stood roughly four feet high, he weighed 50 kilos.he was a gentle giant who wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone.when they kids were small he occasionally barged through the kids in excitement and anticipation of getting food.sometimes ending in tears with the kids,but he never realised his own size.he jumped up on me most days,still thinking he was the puppy we got many years before.

Scouring The Net

over the past weeks since Jake died,we have occasionally looked at rescue centres,but we have been reluctant to make the jump and take a rescue dog in to our home.maybe it will change over time.


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