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Whosoever dig a pit shall fall into it

Updated on May 30, 2016

Sometimes they think that they have it all, they try all they can to bring you down, they manipulate you and when they think that they can't get you physically, they come spiritually. They come in your dreams with different faces and in different forms, they try to scare you and try to manipulate you but what they do not know is that there is time for everyone.

Yes, they crumbled your business, they took away your joy, they delayed your harvest, they made you weep, they made you suffer, they caused you lots of pain and looses but the truth is that any hand against you will surely fall. Anybody operating in the secret place against you shall be exposed.

Joshua was doing well in his line of trade, a dedicated and hard working young man with lots of vision and innovative ideas but somehow, his business began to fail, his profit began crumbling drastically. A close friend asked him to seek spiritual help, to seek a strong man of God to guide him because the wind blowing him was more than his physical strength.

It was a heavy battle and the wind ahead could blow away everything he worked for. Joshua didn't know what to do but that night he saw it all, it wasn't an ordinary dream because all he previously dreamed of was being chased or being flogged or even being killed but that dream was a revelation so when he woke up the next morning, he decided that enough is enough.

"Anyone against you that has manipulated your life will be exposed to you whether he or she likes it or not".

Joshua saw the tree in his dream, it was the tree that stood against him, he wanted to cross to the other side but realized that the tree was blocking him,although it seemed just to be in one spot but spiritually, it was all over the place so he became scared and kept wondering how to cross but the more he wondered, the weaker he became then suddenly, he opened his eyes and realized that he was dreaming but he knew that there was something about the dream so he picked up his axe and went straight to where the tree is situated.

"If you are the big tree, i am the small axe sharpen to cut you down".

You shall discover all your hidden enemies no matter their form of disguise and shall uproot them to set yourself free. You have all it takes to take back your life from the snares of the enemies because he promised that he will never fail you.

These are the words of my master...

Whosoever dig a pit shall fall in it, he shall bury in it, they work iniquity to achieve vanity, if you are the big tree, i am the small axe ready to cut you down.


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