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Why Albus Dumbledore Was a Terrible Person

Updated on April 3, 2018

Lets start off with saying I love Harry Potter. I have Hogwarts tattooed on my arm. I went to Universal Studios Harry Potter World for my honeymoon. I consider myself a die hard fan, and I enjoy Dumbledore's character. He brought a complexity to the story line that was much appreciated by older me when I was reading the later books. Despite my enjoyment of his character, I honestly think he is a terrible person, for three main reasons I will cover below.

My first reason for hating Dumbledore is that he refused to do anything about Harry being in the Triwizard Tournament. He is the headmaster of the hosting school. He already had his champion that was chosen by the goblet. Yet, when Harry's name came out of the goblet, he just followed it like it was law! He knew that it was going to be dangerous, he knew that there was a potential that Harry could die, and he knew that Harry was not ready for a challenge such as this! Despite the fact that he knew these things, he refused to do anything about it, and Harry could have died. Also, why can't anyone else from Hogwarts have any glory? Cedric would have lived, and won, Harry would have been able to focus on his studies, and everyone would have had a good time. Not cool, Dumbledore. Not cool.

Secondly, let's talk about the fact that Dumbledore knew that Sirius Black was innocent, yet he let him ROT in a cell in Azkaban for 12 YEARS! What was the reasoning behind this? Someone please tell me why Harry's godfather had to be stuck in a prison when he did NOTHING wrong? If Sirius had been freed long ago, then Harry could have stayed with him instead of the Dursley's.

And finally, the last reason why I personally think Albus Dumbledore is a terrible person, is that he left Harry to be with the Dursleys for roughly ten years, knowing that he was not treated well. There is absolutely no reason, I repeat NO REASON, to leave a child in an abusive home. And I know people will say that he did that to protect Harry, but Voldemort wasn't even around anymore. All of his followers dispersed. Had Dumbledore kept Harry at Hogwarts, there is no way that anyone would have tried to attack him. Or, better yet! Sirius Black wouldn't be in prison for no reason, so Harry could live with him, which is what the point of having a godparent is in the first place.

© 2018 Erin M Walker


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