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Why Are We Not Living

Updated on June 24, 2010

Where did we go...

When did we stop loving ourselves

When did we stop breathing the air that

awakens us

When did we stop inhaling life

When did we close our eyes to the growth

around us

and start living this life

of run run and of no fun....

When did we stop believing in ourselves

When did we close our eyes

and fade to a shade of gray

When did we fall asleep

When will we wake to see nothing matters

none of this we take when we stop breathing

none of this we can keep

none of this matters,

the moon will keep shining at night

and sun will continue to burn after we have taken

our last breath

When we will realize that we are not dreaming now

that we must wake up to live life

when we learn to live every moment as if it were our last

We must wake up and love who we have around us

we must love the ones who we have in front of us

When we will wake up and start living instead of dreaming

and drifting away......


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