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Why Audiobook Is the Future Of Reading

Updated on January 7, 2018
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Hello, I am Ravi Singh. I am a blogger at and write on a variety of topics including Blogging tips and how to earn money

Listening, not Reading is the Future

What Is an Audiobook?

The standard way to read a book is to buy or download a soft or ecopy of the book. If you are downloading it, you can use laptop, tablet, mobile or e-reader like Kindle to read the book.

In Audiobook, you can listen to word by word version of the book. You can use devices like Mobile phones, tablet, or even car Bluetooth speaker to listen to it.

You can buy Audiobook from Amazon store like Audible or Goodreads. It is slightly costly than a hard copy of ebook but it has a different experience.

Devices You can listen to Audiobooks

  • Desktop - Mac and Windows Laptop
  • Tablet - Kindle, ipad etc
  • Mobile phones - IOS and Android apps
  • Car speaker using bluetooth or headphone jack
  • Carplay app in Car
  • Amazon devices like Alexa, Kindle etc

Benefits Of Audiobook

  • Listen Anytime, Anywhere - Unlike the book which you have to carry always with you, Audiobook can be carried anywhere. You can listen to it when you are driving, going to Office, traveling, or before sleeping.
  • Kid loves it - It is easier for kids to listen than to ask them to read a book
  • Easy To Understand - Compare to reading, listening to book make it interesting and easy to understand
  • Easy Exchange - If you do not like an Audiobook, easily exchange and get a new one
  • Large Collection of Books - Audible has large collection of books makes it easier for you to select books
  • Safe and Protected - As Audible is Amazon company, your privacy is protected and it is always secured

My Personal Opinion

Well, personally I am a big fan of the reading books. This concept of listening and not reading inspired me. I can listen to a book before going to sleep.

I also love to read a book when going for a long drive or when commuting for office. It is a good way to kill your time instead of listening music. a virtual library with hundreds of thousands of books and gives me a wider choice of books.

The Service of audible is great with the subscription fee of $14.95 per month. With Audible membership, you get one book free every month (irrespective of its price) and also 30% off on the price of the book.

Now about the membership price, yes it is little high $14.95/month but if you are a true book lover; it is not that much. You end up spending more on coffee in a month. If you have a decent income, the membership fee is not too high.

I love the way it can work on all devices, my phone, tablet, laptop as well as in my car. For new generations of the car, it is also available with Carplay (from Apple). I can also use this with Alexa at home.

The best way to know if Audible is good for you or not is to try it.

What Is Audible?

Audible is one of the sources of the audiobook. This is an Amazon company where you can buy membership and download books in audio forms. The monthly subscription is $14.95 and then choose the book you want to listen.

How To Subscribe To Audiobook?

  • Sign up or Sign in to Audible using Amazon account
  • first 30 days is free for new members
  • The monthly subscription is $14.95
  • Download and exchange any number of books
  • Download audible apps on your phones or tablet and start listening to Audiobook


Some Audiobooks for First time listeners

The Help
The Help
The Help is a great book for first time Audiobook listeners. it is a book of four maids.

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