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Why Did He Have To Shoot Her?

Updated on April 14, 2021

Not All Experience Is Good Experience

If you have read any of my other hubs, then you already know that I have lived in several other countries, all considered third world or developing third world. While the majority of our experiences were incredible and fun, there were times when bad things happened and we had absolutely no control over the outcome. This was one of the worst.

We lived in Guyana, South America for two years and we watched the changes of this country as it tried to become more like it's first-world counterparts. Not all of these changes were good, but they must have felt like it brought them closer to how the more affluent nations lived when they encouraged tourism and added franchised fast food restaurants. When we had first arrived, all the gas stations were full-service. You were not allowed to pump your own gas, but we didn't mind because it was providing someone with a much needed job. About a year later a few of the gas stations began to allow self-service. I guess they thought it was progress.

Signs Are There For A Reason

Old Style Gas Pumps Still In Use
Old Style Gas Pumps Still In Use

I Still Have Nightmares

One day there were several of us going into Georgetown and we stopped to get fuel. While we were pumping our gas, a lady pulled up on the other side of the pump and awkwardly fumbled with the nozzle. We could tell that this was probably her first time putting fuel into her car because not only was she really bad at it, she also pulled the trigger before the nozzle was inserted in the tank and sloshed gas onto her arm and blouse.

While our tank was filling, we were sitting in our vehicle feeling sorry for her because she was smelly now and had gas on her skin, which will burn after awhile. While we were feeling bad at her expense, she did something that made our jaws drop open.

SHE STARTED TO LIGHT A CIGARETTE!! Before we even had a chance to yell out, the sleeve of her blouse caught fire. We were all motionless for a few seconds and she was FREAKING out. Some of us tried to get out of the car, but she was already screaming and jumping around. Right before this had happened, a police officer had pulled into the parking lot to go into the store. He was already out of his car and walking to the building when the woman saw him. She was really flailing around at this point as she rushed towards him and that is when it happened.

The policeman only had about two seconds to analyze the situation, and then he did something that haunts me to this day. He yelled for her to stop and then,


We were stunned and were asking the question that probably involuntarily came out of your mouth as you read this, "Why did he have to shoot her?"

The Answer: He really didn't have a choice. I mean, really, think about it. She did come running at him waving a fire arm.

Will You Ever Forgive Me?

I am so sorry for all of you who totally fell for that, but it is a day for practical jokes, and that is my all-time favorite joke to tell. It is so much better in person because first I can preface it with some "real" experiences and then when I tell this one I can make my voice get all tense and wavery......classic. The real key is to pause after you say, "...he shot her!" Don't say a word and it never fails that someone will ask, "Why did he have to shoot her?" or something very close.

I love practical jokes and am feeling a little giddy right now even before I post this. I hope you will all appreciate this hub with the same spirit it was written in. All in good fun. I am sure I will hear about it though. Cheers.

Below are just some videos I found that sort of apply. One the girl really does start a fire and in the other the girl is just an idiot.

Not A Smoking Accident, But A Fire At The Gas Pump All The Same

Just A Funny Gas Pump Video


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