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Why Guest Blogging is Good for both Site owners and Writers

Updated on July 5, 2012

For as long as I've been blogging, guest blogging has been one of the most recommended ways of getting views and exposure for your blog. Guest blogging can be significant to both site owners and writers alike who will both benefit from this practice. One of the main benefits is traffic, but there are many other great opportunities you can get from guest blogging.

Benefits for People Looking to Guest Blog

When you are new to writing online, guest blogging is a great way to get yourself established in the niche you are targeting. When writing guest posts, there are benefits that far outweigh the immediate satisfaction of getting views, one of the main reasons people decide to guest post. Here are a few ways guest posting can affect the writer:

  • Views- I have mentioned this, but it shouldn't hurt to reinforce and elaborate upon the benefit of getting views. When most people start guest blogging, they try to find a blog that has much more authority than theirs. This can be good as many established sites will have regular viewers that are looking for fresh content on their favorite blog. When they see your name at the bottom of a post, they will surely be curious to find out who you are and visit your website; permitting that you have provided great content.
  • Money- This idea goes hand in hand with getting views via guest blogging. It is well known that the more visitors you get, the more money you will be able to make. Most bloggers are aware that a sudden burst in incoming traffic can have great effect on their Google Adsense paycheck.
  • Authority- When writing posts on various blogs, you can build your authority in your niche. Authority is something that is undervalued in the blogging world today, but it can make a big difference in the amount of money you are making. Posting multiple guest posts on multiple blogs is a great way for people to see your name, or brand. People who are searching for whatever niche they are interested in will have end up reading as many sites on what they love as possible. They will end up seeing your content over and over and eventually visit your website. Just remember, the sites that they will be visiting will be ranked higher in search engines than yours and their audience support can get you right up where they are.
  • Backlinks- Getting backlinks to your site is easy nowadays, it's getting quality backlinks that is important. Backlinks to your site from your guest posts can play a major part in getting a good pagerank. If you post on established blogs, like I stated before, a backlink from their site is great as the higher pagerank banklinks you get the higher pagerank your site becomes.

Benefits to Site Owners

When opening your doors to, or pages, to guest bloggers, you are being more than just a good person. As a matter of fact, your being a great person, depending on how or what you do. Gust posts can have as good a benefit on site owners compared to the writers. Here are the ways that guests posts on your blog can help you:

  • Content- We've all heard the saying "Content is King" at least once in a lifetime, but how serious can this advice be taken. It is true that more content is great for your website; just look at Hubpages, many hubbers have discovered that the more they publish the more views they get. When your site has pages of relevant search results on Google, people are likely to go to your site. Simple as that; your site looks well established and of it shows up on the first page of Google, it has to be good (according to most web searchers).
  • Traffic- I pretty much covered this one just now, but I should still sum it up. Content equals good search rankings which equals traffic. Simple.
  • Money- It seems like money is the root of everything in this world and not just evil. It is easy to realize, traffic has a direct effect on the money you can make from your website.
  • Easy- For many of us out there, writing can be a time consuming task and we just don't the time to write. By letting someone else write your content, you will now have the time to do what you want and still benefit from the guest post on your site. I can relate to this personally as I am a lazy person. Not really, but there were times when I turned to guest bloggers on my site to stimulate my content when I couldn't

How to Guest Blog

Now that I have hopefully encouraged you to look into guest blogging, it's time for you to learn how to guest blog on another website, or get guest blogs for yours.

The first possible way to guest blog is by direct messages. Wether you own the site or the content, you can easily send a request to a blogger in the same niche as you. If you have a post you want to publish, just ask if they're willing to publish it in exchange for a few backlinks. And if you have your own site, contact someone who may provide you with some content.

Another method of finding guest bloggers is through online forums. When thinking of this, the first site that comes to mind is This website provides forums for those who have posts to publish and those who would happily publish content on their site. I would definitely recommend this as I have had success with finding guest bloggers through this site. Visit the site here:

Make Guest Blogging Interesting

Like many things in life, you can make guest blogging more fun. However, I do not know if you will consider the following ideas fun. Maybe just a bit different, but still beneficial.

One thing you can do is trade an eye for an eye, or to make it more realistic (nobody trades eyes), a blog for a blog. You can work out arrangements with other bloggers, to post on each other's blogs. This is very common on YouTube where video makers decide to feature each other in videos to target both audiences. This can be really helpful when blogging, especially when you write about similar topics, but have different fan bases.

You can also throw* money into the equation and find the root. Some bloggers will be willing to pay people to guest blog on their site. This is mainly a result of laziness and having money to spare. You can offer, or receive a flat rate for your pay. Additionally you can offer the writer advertising revenues. There are plugins on Wordpress that allow each author to have ads with their Google Adsense code displayed on the posts they have written.

Now you have been exposed the the amazingly awesome benefits of guest blogging. I hope you have found what your looking for wether your looking for blogs or bloggers and you are now looking forward to guest blogging. In the comments, take a second to share your experiences guest blogging and maybe I will feature you in this hub; along with a link of course.

Attention Hubbers

If you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes let me know. I will highlight my mistake and let everyone know you corrected my mistake by linking to your profile. This is something new I am trying to see if I can improve the quality of my writing.


*Was through now throw. Correction made by howtotextagirl, check out his hubs!

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    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 5 years ago from Bermuda

      Howtotextagirl, thanks for playing along with my idea. Now my hub has improved. Hopefully you get some extra traffic and other hubbers start to play along.


    • howtotextagirl profile image

      howtotextagirl 5 years ago from Canada

      "You can also through money" through should be "throw".

      I really like your idea of mentioning recognition for helping fix mistakes on your hub. An amazing idea I couldn't even help but share my finding!